You will need
  • - Agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - the official service center.
Take the car from the showroom in daylight hours, this will allow you to carefully and without haste to explore the car's appearance and test its completeness (availability of special tools, parts and instructions manual for the machine).
You have the right to refuse from execution of the mutual contract of purchase and sale of the vehicle and may request that you return the entire amount you paid for the car. The term claim shall not exceed fifteen days after the transfer of the car dealership.
Refer to the law "On protection of consumer rights", if you refuse to refund. Moreover, you may require to replace the selected machine on the same car or vehicle the recalculation of the purchase price. Remember that these claims can be found only within two weeks from the date of purchase. If it took more time, the car can be returned only when the disadvantage is seen serious. In this case, it needs to be a special act, examined and compiled the official report on her.
If you want to return the car to the salon, write a letter of complaint. In the document, indicate that with proper operation of the machine you notice such manufacturing defects. If the machine was repaired under warranty several times, please indicate this fact. Specify how many days in total was your car with one year warranty.
Send the claim by mail with registered letter with notification on delivery. Please attach copies of documents and opinions from the service center. The dealership needs to satisfy your requirements within 20 days of receipt paper. If you in time do not receive a response from the dealership, you have the right to go to court.