If for some reason Google Chrome stopped working and you need to restore it, go to the home page of Google. In the top address bar, add to text "" record "/chrome". As a result, you will be redirected to the official page of the browser.
Right click on the link "Install now" and wait until you downloaded the installer (the installer). Run it and follow the instructions for installing the Google. If you have no Internet connection, use another computer, download the installer and copy to a flash drive.
In addition to recording the "/chrome" official page can be found by using the Google search engine. Open the front page and write in the search box the name of the software. The first result in the list, and will belong to the official page of Google Chrome.
To restore gadgets – applications that provide additional information to Google, open a browser and type in the address bar "". When you open the official page to Google, click on the "Extensions" tab and select the desired application. Please note that the download gadgets better with this official page, not to hurt himself Google Chrome, and the whole operating system.
After reinstalling be sure to return to the start page and click "Enter". Then click the top left link "Register" and create e-mail "". After this, any data about your Internet-browser will be saved on registered mail. When you'll again need to reinstall Google, download my mail and lost all apps, and bookmarks will be restored.