This problem occurs because of a damaged program files of the browser, to correct which is necessary to make their recovery or reset utility is set to "default". Close all browser Windows and "Explorer". Click "start menu" and open "control Panel".

In the opened window, double-click the left mouse button on the icon "Internet options". Navigate to the "Advanced" tab, then click "Reset". In the window "Reset", press the corresponding button. Close the settings window of the browser by pressing the "OK" button or press the Enter key. Restart the browser for the changes to become active.

If this method did not fix the issue, please uninstall and then new install of the browser. Use the applet "add or remove programs" in "control Panel". Please note that Internet Explorer 7 versions for Windows Vista cannot be uninstalled because it is integrated.

Also a new installation of the browser can be done using control system components. Before proceeding to the execution of the task, shut down all programs (except utilities running in the background). Open "control Panel" in the menu "Programs" select "Enable or disable Windows components".

Among the components uncheck the items that contain Internet Explorer, and click "Yes". In the opened window click the "OK" button to remove the browser and restart the computer.

Then run "Enable or disable Windows components" from the menu "Programs". This time, mark the paragraphs that contain Internet Explorer, and click "Yes". After clicking the "OK" button you can start to work with the browser.