Malicious software (viruses, Trojans, etc.)

Programs of this type get into the system due to the lack of high-quality anti-virus protection, or by mistake of the user. For the "treatment" of the system should be written to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM antivirus program and run it on your computer. Running an antivirus program is recommended in safe mode Windows. To do this, when the computer restarts, press F8. If a menu appears select the boot device (Boot Device), select the hard disk where the operating system is installed, press Enter and F8 again.

In the list that appears, select using arrow keys "Safe mode (Safe Mode)" and press Enter. The system will boot in safe mode, after that connect the media with an anti-virus program and run it. When you specify a system scan to check all local disks, because the virus program can copy itself to different folders on the computer. After finishing the system scan, follow the instructions the antivirus program in further action with the detected malware.

Modified hosts file

Some malware can change the operating system files. Often prone to change the hosts file, as it is responsible for the network connection. Using the Internet, determine the contents of sound file host. To find the hosts file, open the local drive where operating system is installed ("C" by default), then follow the path: Windows-System32-drivers. Open the hosts file using Notepad. Check the information contained in the file, it should be appropriate "healthy" the host file. All incorrect lines must be removed. After that save the changes and close the file.

Registry checker

To check your registry, you should run command prompt by pressing Win+R or by selecting the start menu-Accessories-Run. In the window that appears, type regedit and press Enter. In the window that opens go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\
Highlight the AppInit_DLLs line and press Ctrl+X. Save the changes and close the registry window. Open Notepad and press Ctrl+V. Save the resulting text file, and then restart the computer. After you start the computer, open the created text file and pass it the specified address, delete the file.