Matter how skeptical many not related to the superstition, for superstitions related to mirrors, most of the concerns at least with interest. The mirror hanging in nearly every hallway, in his enthusiastic gaze at Christmas, trying to anticipate the fate, and carefully wiped with a cloth after leaving the hotel. Scientists (or pseudoscientists) are still exploring the depth of the looking-glass world, and followers of the art of Feng Shui, right apart the mirrors, fill the house with positive energy.


There are many rules explaining how and where to hang them to attract wealth and good fortune. These instructions recite all the fashion interior designers, avoiding to hang the mirror beside the bed. Several explanations for this. If you believe that the mirror is a gateway to parallel worlds, then ignore this advice, at least, dangerous. During sleep, the person falls into oblivion, losing touch with reality. He was not aware of, it may cross this invisible border worlds. First, the astral body can get lost in the maze through the mirror and come on back. Second, it is unknown that he is there waiting and will he be able to cope with it. And thirdly, who knows what the mirror will jump out of the sleeper on the head.

The mirror-magnet

By the way, the legend of the monster zerkalnye not so fantastic, given the evidence that mirrors are a high energy magnet. Pulling energy defenseless sleeping person, they are likely to hurt him. A dream that needs to add strength, will lead to exhaustion. The harm is obvious, and no matter what was its reason – the unknown beast through the mirror or the magnet in the form of a mirror. And if you remember that person for the night periodically waking up, the sight of his disheveled face can bring to a heart attack.

The mirror, which multiplies

If you believe Feng Shui, you should not sleep in the mirrors for other reasons. The energy reflected fixate on the masters bedroom, stagnates. This can lead to diseases or other difficulties. Also, the mirror tends to multiply the number of items. Accordingly, it projects an innocent sleeping twice negative acute angles. Reflecting sleeping spouse, it encourages them to change. What then is the harmony.