The bed is strictly not recommended to set so that your feet lay toward the door. This is not a good sign long popularly known as "only the dead endure foot forward."
Also do not put the bed so that her behind was the window, because the window does not have property to protect. Besides, the window can be drafty, and you can easily catch a cold.
It is better that the head of the bed touches the wall, but this wall should be the wall adjacent to the toilet and kitchen. Feng Shui, the bedroom should not be exposed to the smells from the kitchen and toilet, they violate the positive energy in the bedroom. The wall creates a sense of stability, reliability and security.
Above the bed should not hang any items, such as, long chandelier, lamps, cupboards, shelves, paintings, as they cause a feeling of pressure and threats. Man lying on bed, cannot relax thoroughly.
It is not recommended to put the bed where it is reflected in the mirror. There is a superstition that would be adultery in the family. And Feng Shui, all the accumulated per day information and energy, which can be more negative than positive, reflected in a mirror and sent back to you. In the end, you Wake up tired and depressed.
Do not place the bed close to the TV, the minimum distance should be 3 meters. In General, the TV should not be in the bedroom because it accumulates in the bedroom of negative energy and unnecessary information, which, again, interferes with restful sleep.
The bed should stand so that you could see outside the bedroom people. The best location of the bed diagonally to the door, as Feng Shui advises.
If the double bed meant for two people, access to the beds should be from both sides. If the bed for one person, then place it sideways against a wall or in a corner between the window and the door.
Under the bed there should not be any objects (boxes and other things piled under the bed, because they have nowhere else to put). The space must be empty in order for the energy to circulate freely when you are sleeping.