Advice 1: How to put the bed in the bedroom

It is very important to choose the location of the bed in your bedroom, as this determines whether your sleep and rest fully. After all, you, getting up in the morning should be cheerful, energetic and rested. Before you place the bed, it is advisable to listen to such Chinese science of Feng Shui.
How to put the bed in the bedroom
The bed is strictly not recommended to set so that your feet lay toward the door. This is not a good sign long popularly known as "only the dead endure foot forward."
Also do not put the bed so that her behind was the window, because the window does not have property to protect. Besides, the window can be drafty, and you can easily catch a cold.
It is better that the head of the bed touches the wall, but this wall should be the wall adjacent to the toilet and kitchen. Feng Shui, the bedroom should not be exposed to the smells from the kitchen and toilet, they violate the positive energy in the bedroom. The wall creates a sense of stability, reliability and security.
Above the bed should not hang any items, such as, long chandelier, lamps, cupboards, shelves, paintings, as they cause a feeling of pressure and threats. Man lying on bed, cannot relax thoroughly.
It is not recommended to put the bed where it is reflected in the mirror. There is a superstition that would be adultery in the family. And Feng Shui, all the accumulated per day information and energy, which can be more negative than positive, reflected in a mirror and sent back to you. In the end, you Wake up tired and depressed.
Do not place the bed close to the TV, the minimum distance should be 3 meters. In General, the TV should not be in the bedroom because it accumulates in the bedroom of negative energy and unnecessary information, which, again, interferes with restful sleep.
The bed should stand so that you could see outside the bedroom people. The best location of the bed diagonally to the door, as Feng Shui advises.
If the double bed meant for two people, access to the beds should be from both sides. If the bed for one person, then place it sideways against a wall or in a corner between the window and the door.
Under the bed there should not be any objects (boxes and other things piled under the bed, because they have nowhere else to put). The space must be empty in order for the energy to circulate freely when you are sleeping.
If sleep does not bring you rest, maybe it's that your bed is not in the place where you want. Then you need to make a rearrangement of furniture in the bedroom.
Useful advice
If you are not able to put the bed, as recommended, for example, the bed's headboard to the window or your feet are to the door, it is possible to smooth the impact of negative energy by putting between the bed and the door (or window) separates the subject - bookcase, wooden lattice with climbing plants, and so on.

Advice 2: How to put the bed in the bedroom

To night went to benefit, it is important to pick up all of his attributes: bed linen, pillows, mattresses, blankets and, of course, the bed. In addition to choosing a comfortable bed is also important to find her in the bedroom right place. The right place is a place corresponding to the certain rules. What are the rules regarding the location of the bed in the bedroom?
The best is that the position of the bed in which the headboard tightly up against the wall
You will need
  • bed.
Place the bed so that the legs of a sleeping person is not located in the direction of the door. It is considered bad luck, because only the dead endure foot forward. No less unfortunate is the direction when the foot or the head is lying on the bed pointing towards the window.
An ideal location for the sleeping couch is the fact that both the head and feet of a sleeping "look" into the wall. And best of all, if the headboard will be close up against the wall. In any case, experts say, Feng Shui.
Popular rumor advises us to choose for the bed that her head was directed to the North. Masters of Feng-Shui claim that favorable directions for sleeping individual, and can be selected either using their wise advice, or intuitive.
Virtually any bedroom is the mirror. Hanging or standing in the bedroom, mirror should not reflect bed and sleeping on her person. In General, specialists in Feng Shui are advised to avoid reflective surfaces in the bedroom in order to Wake up in a cheerful and optimistic mood.
The biggest trouble in the bedroom ceiling beams. Even worse if it is located directly above the bed. This beam going to cause problems between spouses and health problems. Therefore, if the bedroom is this item still available, best to disguise it, for example, using a suspended ceiling or drywall construction.
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Advice 3: How to put a bed on Feng Shui

Location of the bed in the bedroom plays a huge role. This not only affects the rest of a person, but his perception of the world as a whole. Feng Shui, as a science, gives a clear idea about how exactly need to put the bed to always stay positive and positive person.
The doctrine of Feng Shui encompasses diverse aspects of human life. And the main direction – living in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Perhaps to someone will seem strange to the recommendations of this science, but it can help significantly improve my Outlook. One of the burning questions of concern to many, is how to put the bed in the bedroom on Feng-Shui.

Which is not recommended

Since the bed is the furniture where people sleep and rest, it is very important to place it correctly. Not that she was in front of reflective surfaces. For example, in front of the mirror. This not only takes the life of positive energy Qi, but also can doom sleeping on various diseases. The man in the dream should not be reflected anywhere (any smooth glossy surface). This could be a cause of nightmares.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, it is not recommended to place the bed near the door or Windows. First, the air flow will take away positive life energy. Secondly, rest in bed, which is so worth it, will not be complete. Thirdly, there is a risk to engage in the marital life of a third party (for example, gossip or lover/mistress). If you can not put the bed away from the window or door, it should at least arrange it so that not to lie to them feet.

What you need to do

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the bed should be light. Not in the head or above it, and next to the little light illuminated the bed. This will make the stay more enjoyable, and will attract positive Chi energy to a sleeper.

Make sure to position the bed so that behind the wall there was no toilet or bathroom. If this rule be neglected, then the whole personal life is down the toilet. Well, if the wall will be the outside or another room.

The headboard of the bed can be placed amulets or talismans sleeping. It will be a kind of talisman against bad energy, even if the bed is located with violations of the teachings of Feng Shui.

Place the bed so that she is not in contact with the wall in the place where the person stands up. In other words – everyone sleeping on the bed should be a space for lifting. It is recommended to put the bed in the center of the bedroom if it is used for sleeping two.

Be sure to leave under the bed. No boxes and things. It will keep good energy, and saves power and will give complete rest. If it is not possible to remove everything from under the bed, though often get there. Remember that it should always be purely made. It is not only the key to a good sleep, and healthy hygiene.

Advice 4: How to put a bed on Feng Shui

The science of Feng Shui teaches us to live in a harmonious environment, charged with positive energy. Certain principles allow you to put the bed in the bedroom so that you can save a couple's health and family well-being. How would you not treat the Feng Shui, when making bedrooms listen to some advice of experts. They will make your bedroom a place of relaxation.
How to put a bed on Feng Shui
You will need
  • Expert advice on Feng Shui
  • Appropriate room bedroom
  • Bed on legs
  • Furniture without sharp edges or woven draperies
  • Items, pleasant
  • The curtains on the Windows
  • Lamps with dim light
Pick a suitable space for the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, the place of repose, you cannot use the checkpoint room. The bedroom should be as far away from the exit from the apartment, which will give you a sense of security. In addition, this room should not be near the bathroom. The best form of marital bedrooms is a proper rectangle, octagon and circle. Of course, in terms of the average of the layouts you have little choice, but with the help of various interior fixtures you can adjust the configuration of the room.
Veil all corners and sharp objects that will point to your bed: the corners of the room and furniture, branches and so on. It is believed that such "arrows" pointing at your bed the negative energy. Therefore:
• tanavakivide the Windows at night, or use blinds.
• Soften the corners of curtains, screens, mirrors or pieces of furniture with smooth rounded forms.
• You can use plants, but only a little small in size.
• Choose bedside tables with round edges or cover them with soft woven draperies.
Put a bed on Feng Shui is to avoid known "position of death": the feet should not be directed to the door, and head to the window. Lying on the bed, you need to see all incoming. Sleep will be calmer and healthier if you stick headboard of the bed to the North wall. If the bed is double, it should have to afford free access from both sides.
Do not hang the mirrors in bed you saw yourself. According to experts in Feng Shui, it is capable of making spouses discord. Better to hang in front of your eyes of the subject, evoke pleasant thoughts. For example, a beautiful painting, decorative composition or symbolic for you to change. Acceptable to bed you saw a window with a beautiful landscape. In this case you should not fall in direct sunlight.
Mention some other important expert advice on Feng Shui.
• Choose a berth on the legs that it stood above the floor. Don't lay under the bed of junk. Under it should always be free.
• Never hang over the bed shelves and other sheds.
• Lamps do not install over sleeper and. Good to put a floor lamp with shade warm pastel tones, emits soft muted light. Lighting in the bedroom should never be too bright.
Useful advice
You put a bed on Feng Shui, but still suffer from insomnia or nightmares and feel bad in the bedroom? Don't be afraid to deviate from the General rules and experiment. From time to time rearrange the furniture. Maybe you will find exactly the position in which you will sleep much more comfortable.
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