Often this is due to the fact that some Internet service providers to save their own funds somewhat understate the speed of the connection for ordinary subscribers against indicated in the price list or agreement.

If you want to increase the connection speed to the Internet, check the system services and programs that are installed on your hard drive regularly turn to third-party servers for updates or for synchronization. Limit the access of such programs on the web, and you will immediately notice an increase in speed.
If that's not enough, go to the settings on your modem and configure downloading data from the Internet in multiple threads. The operating system normally deliberately limit the number of threads to save their own resources. This will increase the speed of a few tens kbit/s.
At the moment to check the speed of Internet is not difficult. There are lots of services that provide similar service. They work like this: the user downloads the file from the server for the specified number of seconds. Then the volume of this file in kilobits divided by the time for which he was swinging in seconds. Thus, you can know the speed of the Internet, to which you are connected.
Regular check upload speed of your Internet will allow us to inform your Internet provider about connection issues. Also follow the functional status of your modem, the problem which may be one of the main causes of unreasonably low speed connection.
The speed of the Internet connection sites also depends on how well configured your browser. Indeed, the presence of unnecessary and unnecessary settings significantly reduces the speed of loading web pages.