You will need
  • - beautiful clothes.
Prepare for the date, so in order to feel most comfortable with. Little things like new shoes, RUB his feet, or a broken nail might hold you in suspense and leave only painful memories. Select clothes that like me: the final look in the mirror before the output should cheer you up.
Plan a date and agree about all details in advance. Even if one of you would like it to be a surprise, at this stage, the risk of failure. You know too little of each other, to guess desires and preferences. That is why it is advisable to decide together where you go and what you will do.
If you are already familiar distance learning and virtual, refrain from the banal scenarios Dating. A trip to the shops or a walk is a neutral option, but is unlikely to provide unforgettable memories. Agree in advance about the interesting pastime that reflects the similarity of your Hobbies. For example, if you both love horses horse ride followed by picnic for sure will be remembered for a long time.
If you are by nature modest and quiet, think in advance what you wanted to talk. Trivial matters are best left for later, or, conversely, to find out in a preliminary communication. Try asking a young person about his childhood, Hobbies, dreams and fantasies. Try to make between the two of you struck up a casual conversation, and in this case, you will be able to speak, without exaggeration, hours.