Correct lacing of the corset should be uniform, it needs to emphasize the woman's figure, not restrict her movement. It is therefore necessary to avoid incorrect lacing, which is expressed only on the lower hinge it looks ugly and creates a lot of inconvenience.
Sometimes the finished tape, which comes complete with corset, not suitable for the correct lace – in this case you will have to pick up and buy the tape or cord in the color of the corset, spending quite a bit of money. In addition, buying a new tape or a new line of a completely different color, which, however, harmonizes with the tone of the corset, you will change your appearance, will focus on lace-up and your dress will look more original.
It is easiest to lace up the corset one cord – in this case, connect the two edges of the corset so that between them remained a distance of 10 cm and then pass into the upper two holes cord. Start evenly lacing corset criss-cross pattern until you reach the bottom edge. You can also lace up corset two cords by directing one of them from top to bottom, and the other from the bottom up.
At the level of waist in a classic corset you can also leave a long loop of cord or ribbon, and then continue stringing the cross to the end. With these loops you will then be able to tighten the corset and tie it.
Lacing of the corset will spread over the entire length, make sure that it was uniform, and then lock the laces to the left and right node. Finally tighten the corset should put it on and tightening the laces so that the corset went smoothly on the figure. The ends of the laces pull and tie in a neat bow.