Remover for removing old paint

The base washes for paint and fillers – solvents made of organic matter. These include acetone, benzene, turpentine, etc. in Addition, the composition washes is composed of various acids on the basis of organic (acetic, formic), thickeners (various resinous substances, naphthalene, etc.), retarder that prevents evaporation (paraffin). Typically, the washes used in the case, if you need to remove the old car paint or too thick a layer of any of a decorative.

Among the Russian brands are the most effective "Autosmile", "paint Remover Stroy", SP-6, SD, SPS-1, SPS-2. Good feedback on the paint remover "Paint Remover", which lets the firm from the United States "ABRO Industries". This product is sold in the form of an aerosol and gel soluble water.

Generally, each drug is best "works" with any specific type of paint. For example, cleanser PCA-1 perfectly removes coatings alkyd and epoxy. SP-6 and SP-7, quickly remove the layer of polyacrylate and metamorphismregional paint. In a statement to "Autosmile" indicates that it is able to remove nitroemali, in fact she rarely succeeds. But this tool efficiently removes coatings based on metasilicate.

Russian drug "Anticrash-Universal is able to remove all known types of coatings: oil, bitumen, latex, glyptal, etc. in Addition, it removes rust and has anti-corrosion property. "Anticrash-Universal is available in the form of a viscous paste and can be diluted with water. It can be used to clean all types of primers and fillers.

Remover for old paint SD successfully remove the coating of oil-based. After application, after a few minutes the paint will start to flake off. Further, it can be effortlessly removed with the spatula. But use diabetes are recommended in cases if the painted metal surface.

Solvents for removing old paint

One of the most effective solvents for removing old paint – methylene chloride (dichloromethane). He served most modern coatings. The concentration of this solvent in a variety of washes reaches 70%.

Nitroenamel easiest to remove with acetone, solvent No. 646 or 647. For removal of coatings bitumen based perfect coal xylene. Petrol is a solvent you can use for removing heavy-bodied paints and varnishes thickened. Gasoline for removal of coatings based on bitumen.

The solvent aft-1 effective for removing oil paints and varnishes, nitrocellulose. This tool should be applied to the painted surface and leave for 30 minutes. You can then remove the old coating.