You will need
  • - hammer paint;
  • brush or roller;
  • the ground - enamel on a rust.
  • the solvent 646(647,648);
  • - acetone;
  • - rubber gloves to protect your hands.
Clean the metal surface from rust, old paint residue with a steel brush or sandpaper, remove the dirt, dust. Degrease all metal surfaces with acetone. Prime the surface of the ground-enamel on a rust.
Mix thoroughly hammer the paint with a wooden stick. After drying, the primer-enamel paint the product with the first layer of hammer mill paint by brush, roller or using pressure atomisation method. As the thickening of the enamel in the dyeing process, dilute it with solvent.
Apply a second coat of enamel after drying of the first layer. It needs to be thicker than the first layer. If necessary, apply a third layer after the intermediate drying. The paint will fully dry in 24 hours, while the painted surface is formed in a specific pattern.
Ventilate the room after finishing work. Clean with solvent tools, the paint stains.