Advice 1: How to paint hammer paint

For painting of metal products during the repair, use a hammer decorative enamel. When it dries on the painted surface, a surface that simulates the embossing obtained by hammer blows on metal. This paint perfectly hides the defects of products.
How to paint hammer paint
You will need
  • - hammer paint;
  • brush or roller;
  • the ground - enamel on a rust.
  • the solvent 646(647,648);
  • - acetone;
  • - rubber gloves to protect your hands.
Clean the metal surface from rust, old paint residue with a steel brush or sandpaper, remove the dirt, dust. Degrease all metal surfaces with acetone. Prime the surface of the ground-enamel on a rust.
Mix thoroughly hammer the paint with a wooden stick. After drying, the primer-enamel paint the product with the first layer of hammer mill paint by brush, roller or using pressure atomisation method. As the thickening of the enamel in the dyeing process, dilute it with solvent.
Apply a second coat of enamel after drying of the first layer. It needs to be thicker than the first layer. If necessary, apply a third layer after the intermediate drying. The paint will fully dry in 24 hours, while the painted surface is formed in a specific pattern.
Ventilate the room after finishing work. Clean with solvent tools, the paint stains.
The ambient temperature in the room under the painting of the products hammer mill paint shall not be less than -10C and not more than 30°.

The thicker you apply a layer of enamel, the larger will pattern.
Useful advice
When painting vertical surfaces paint hammer was not formed ugly wave pattern, apply the enamel to such surface a thin layer.

Advice 2: How to paint with a roller

Repair is a thankless task. However, if you spend it wisely, you can save a lot of time and effort. If painting the ceiling, standing on a chair and leading brush there-here, you can quickly get tired. After all, have to constantly climb down to move the table, and hands constantly waving does not work. For this purpose, and was invented by rollers. With no need to get up on the table, because thanks to the long handle cushion easily "pulls out" to the ceiling. However, if you are not able to work with a roller, it is not much help.
Paint roller with tray
Use a roller suitable for painting large surfaces. Therefore, for the ceiling it just fit. For convenience in the dyeing process, you can use a special mini-tray for the cushion, which is a flat receptacle having two steps and low sides. The roller with paint is rolled on the first step, and the second leaves excess paint. You can, of course, to make a small plastic or tin pan to drip the paint with a roller, but you can do one tray.
Experienced painters know some of the tricks that they are willing to share with you. To paint the ceiling the best two times in perpendicular directions. This is necessary in order to paint properly restorefiles. Then your ceiling will be no "bald patches". Some professionals suggest to paint the ceiling three times, although here it is necessary to look at the situation. If the paint is good, twice will be sufficient. If you can save the paint, you should not spend. Don't forget to wait a certain time, which must be specified in the instructions for use of this type of paint.
Some people wonder about the wide roller is best to paint the ceiling or narrow, what should be the cushion pile and so on. There is no single answer. In some cases, the selection of roller depends on the material from which made the ceiling. Someone chooses a cushion, personal preferences. But one thing is for sure: a wide roller will help you quicker to handle the work and save the paint, a roller with fine pile applies the paint more evenly than a cushion with medium and long pile.
Also pay attention to the materials from which the rollers run. It can be synthetic fiber and the pile or natural. But that's another story.
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