All the new products in the diet of the child begin to enter gradually, in small portions. The cheese can begin to introduce food after the child reaches five months. If the baby is healthy and still had no problems with the introduction of new products should start with half a teaspoon per day.

How to start solid foods

For the first time feeding baby cottage cheese, I must follow his reaction. If no adverse reactions not observed, the daily portion of half a teaspoon in four days should be increased to two tablespoons, that is, from five grams to twenty. Gradually increasing the amount of cheese eaten per day by the child, to year, batch to bring to fifty grams per day.

Serve cheese five-month-old baby need at the beginning of the feeding. You can pre-grind it and dissolve it expressed breast milk or adapted milk mixture. To make it easier to follow the reaction of the kid-new product to serve cheese at the beginning of feeding is better in the morning. Later, when the child's body get used to a new dish, the cheese can be served at another time.

What kind of cheese it is better to use in feeding the baby

For younger children aged five to six months is more appropriate cheese, which is prepared in the dairy kitchen. Unlike what is intended for adults, kids cottage cheese in consistency softer. For children who have chewing reflex is not yet developed sufficiently, it is very important. Cheese made in terms of production, the acidity is such that the intestinal mucosa of the child is not annoying. The product can be milk or butter.

In the dairy cottage cheese fat reduced – it is well suited to children who have discovered overweight. Cream cheese contains fat in large quantities. Since it is quite nourishing, kid is not on the same day feeding other foods high in calories. Some of mom's cooking kids the cheese alone is also quite possible, but you should observe the rules of hygiene. You can prepare fresh curd or sour – made of kefir, which is made specifically for children. In the baby food market, you cannot use the cottage cheese and the one made from sour milk.

For the introduction of cottage cheese in the diet of the child the appropriate time and quantity should be determined by the pediatrician. In some situations the doctor may limit the amount of cheese or be removed altogether from the power of this product.