How often to give the child cottage cheese

Cheese - a fermented milk product that contains a huge amount of valuable components. It is rich In b vitamins, calcium. Curd is recommended to introduce in children's diet already 8-9 months. If the first complementary foods were introduced before 6 months can give the baby milk products since 7-8 months.

To begin to acquaint the child with the cheese need small quantities. For the first time, it is sufficient to enter into the diet of half a teaspoon of product per day. To 1 year baby can get up to 50 grams of cottage cheese a day. At the same time to give it to a child is not worth it. The best way to offer it through the day. The excess amount of calcium in the body is as harmful as its deficiency.

Child under 2 years of age should get about 60-80 grams of cottage cheese a day. After they reach 2 years portion of fermented milk product intended for food must already weigh 100 grams. In this weekly, the baby should receive no more than 300 grams of cottage cheese. Thus, the need to introduce it to her diet 3 times a week.

These recommendations are averages. The doctor is able to adjust them based on individual characteristics of the child, his needs for calcium and other minerals. So, for example, for kids with signs of incipient rickets acceptable daily inclusion of curd in diet. In this case it is better to use together with vitamin D to improve absorption.

What kind of cheese to give the kids

Cheese, baby food should be of the highest quality. Unfortunately, in modern supermarkets and in the markets often sold products are not the first freshness. That is why feeding kids under the age of 2 years is recommended to cook the cheese yourself. For this you need to buy fresh milk, sour cream or yogurt.

In a glass of milk, you must add a tablespoon of sour cream or 100 milliliters of kefir. Next you need to pass the resulting mixture at room temperature for 3-5 hours, then pour into a saucepan and heat.

When the milk begins to collapse, you should turn off the stove, strain the mixture through cheesecloth and gently squeeze the cheese. This recipe allows you to cook an incredibly tasty and healthy product with a delicate texture.

In specialized stores and drugstores baby curds. They might as well replace the curd is homemade, as manufacturers produce them for the youngest age category. They are very convenient to buy when baby is still so small and eats only 20-50 grams of fermented milk products.

After 2 years you can give the baby the cottage cheese of industrial production. Be sure to pay attention to the date of issue and expiry date, as well as to taste characteristics.