Advice 1: Cottage cheese: how to cook tasty

Cheese very useful dairy product, it contains essential for the body as protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin Stores offer a wide range of cheese products, but the most useful and tasty cheese home.

Cottage cheese: how to cook tasty

To prepare the cheese you can own, at home, it doesn't take a lot of time and effort.

What you'll need:

· Milk 2 litres,

· Clean gauze,

· Pots included each other, 2 pieces.

Sequence of actions:

So, you have decided to cook the curd. Pour into a saucepan the milk, cover with a lid and leave in a warm place for souring for about a day.

To prepare the cheese faster, speeding up the process of souring milk. For this, add 3 tablespoons of low-fat, store-bought sour cream.

After the sour milk, place the saucepan into another container, big volume, in which pre-poured water. Put both pots on a slow fire.

Once sour milk boils, it will recede from the walls and you have a yellow liquid. Immediately remove the pan from the heat, remove the inner container and cool the contents.

Take a sieve and place on the bottom of clean gauze. Put a tablespoon of curdled milk into the sieve. Tie the edges of the cheesecloth nodes and hang over the pot so that it flowed serum. The curds remain in the cheesecloth. If you want to cheese higher density, put on the gauze plate and place a load.

Advice 2 : How to make curd at home

Cheese is one of the most useful dairy products. It contains calcium and other vitamins and minerals necessary for our organisms. But few know that the curds can be done at home, then it will turn out especially delicious.
Curd made at home, is very soft
You will need
    • whole or normalized milk
    • 3-liter Bank
    • pan
    • fabric
    • colander
    • plate
Buy whole milk, if you want to cook at home a nice layered cheese. Pour into a 3-liter glass jar, which was pre-pasteurized, so it does not have pathogenic microorganisms. Glass, close glass cover. Leave at room temperature for 3-4 days. In any case, not cast, do not stir, do not stir and do not check.
Remove the sour cream, which peel off the top layer, which is a thickened cream. For cream, take a glass jar with a plastic lid. In warm time of the year of 3 liters of milk makes about 400-450 g excellent sour cream. In the cold – less. This is caused by the change of "diet" of cows from which the milk. By the way, black cow at any time of the year, give milk less fatty than brown, so characteristic of the breed.
Prepare a water bath - housesare these cheese is done with it. To do this, take a pot, the height exceeding the height of the 3-liter jar. At the bottom lay a folded in several layers matter. It is advisable to use natural not dyed fabric, but if there are none, you can take a cotton or calico, which has a picture. Pour about half of the pan of water. Put a jar of yogurt on the "water bath". Important point: in no case do not mix yogurt and even try not to shake when immersed in a pot of water. Otherwise the cheese, which is made at home, layered fail.
Bring water bath to a boil, reduce heat, making it minimal. Set a timer for 40-45 min. after the specified time jar at homethe last night with cheese remove from pan, set aside to cool. When completely cold, place in a colander. Drain layered the cheese needs at least 3-4 hours. The duration depends a bit dry or the product you want. Do not pour the serum, it is also high in vitamins and minerals.
Don't do the cottage cheese in aluminum cookware, it is better to take a glass jar.
Useful advice
To cottage cheese is the most delicious, you should put on the starter only tested the milk.

Advice 3 : How to make cottage cheese at home and how useful it is

Many people like cottage cheeseas it is a great Breakfast for both adults and children. But very few people knows, than differs this product from his cousin - the usual cheese, how useful it is and how to cook it at home.
How to make cottage cheese at home and how useful it is

Cottage cheese - cottage cheese with reduced fat content. 100 grams of the product from 0% to 9% body fat. Which is very important in keeping a healthy diet. However, this is not the only plus of this product. In its composition contains essential for body protein, which has beneficial amino acids - lysine, choline and methionine.

Cottage cheese is rich in such mineral substances as calcium and phosphorus. So it is very useful for children. This milk product is recommended for use by nutritionists. The only people who are contraindicated cottage cheese people with lactose intolerance.

Of course, to buy this product at any supermarket, but to be sure that it really contains no harmful additives, it is better to cook it yourself, the more that it will not be much difficulty.


  • 1 liter of milk;
  • 1.5 tbsp of calcium chloride;
  • low-fat cream;
  • salt.

Low-fat milk, heated to 40-50°C. Adding calcium chloride, which can be bought at any pharmacy. Constantly stir the milk, leaving the pan on mild fire. You will see how the milk's gone sour, and gradually formed the curd grains.

Then drop the pan with the future of the cream cheese in a bowl of cold water, continue to stir the contents. Once the curd has cooled, strain it through cheesecloth. Obtained cheese grain if desired salt and fill with low-fat cream.

The resulting cottage cheese can be eaten with fruit, jam, marmalades or added to salads. Can be eaten as a separate dish, crumble in the cheese a little fresh parsley.

Bon appetit!

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