So, to begin with check legal address in the base address of Mail of Russia. It checks for the existence of any relevant'. If you can not find it in the database, make the appropriate conclusion. Such situations arise in the case if you buy directly legal address and not sign a contract for a specific physical space. Be careful not to fall for tricks fraudsters.
Check out the legal address of the mass. Terms, on R,f the mass is the address which has already registered more than 10 companies. To test this, the Federal tax service has launched on its website a service where anyone has the ability to check the number of associations which are registered according to the specified legal address. This service few people know, however, it is widely used by banks and authorities who are interested in this information. To use this service, go to address the region, district, city, street and house number and you will receive the number of organizations that are legally available at this address.
Also try to check the address through a personal visit. Visit the specified location and assess the situation with your own eyes. However, be careful if you are working with a new partner. Are often organized theatrical performances, when artificially drawn all the necessary documents even in those offices where the official is located the public authorities.
If you're not confident in your decision, entrust the inspection and registration of legal address of the organization or person that have great experience in this matter. As a rule, they are reliable and can provide all necessary documents and guarantees.