Advice 1: How to know whether the registered firm

Getting the best commercial offers from the unknown organizations, and preparing to sign a contract with them, many organizations hope for the integrity of new partners and validate provided information. Meanwhile, the fraudsters are developing the whole operation to commit the illegal transactions resulting in the suffering of honest, but credulous of the company. And only need, first, to know whether the registered firm.
How to know whether the registered firm
Go to the official website of the Federal tax service of Russia, which provides a new, convenient service that allows you to check the details of your business, and get information from the source. Here you will get access to the information contained in the Unified state register of legal entities on the date of application.
Select the tab in the horizontal top menu "E-services". On the opened page, find the section "Check yourself and the contractor, allowing to access directly to the desired database information. To navigate click on the section name or type in the search box address service
To request the database to EGRUL enter in the active field, all existing information about the organization you are interested in. It is not necessary to fill in all the fields, it is enough that you know. It may be tin, bin, UAH or company name. To speed up the search can enter and the rest is known to you the details of the company (date of registration, address, etc.). So you don't have to choose the desired organization from the list proposed by the system. Enter the special code listed on the page next to the active window and click "search". Here you can find all the information you want associated with the state registration of the counterparty and changes in status.
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After receiving such information, you can take them into account when making decisions about partnership, but don't leave and other opportunities to test your partner. Since the firms listed in the register may not be actually because have completed all procedures related to the liquidation of the company, and therefore, information about such changes in the registry.

Advice 2: How to register a company name

The name of the company is not separately recorded. Registered firm under the name. You can give the child any name, if it is not against the law, otherwise you can refuse the establishment of the enterprise. Such issues are regulated by the Federal law "On limited liability companies".
How to register a company name
Check the name of the company. It should not be foreign words or symbols in the form of "patches". It is provided by clause 1 of article 4 of the Federal law "On limited liability companies". However, to have the name fully in a foreign language is permitted but on one. If you need to "name" companies was a foreign word, think of two names – in Russian and in foreign languages.
If the company name has the word "Russia" and cognate words, will pay, in addition to the registration fee, an additional amount for the right to use them. After that, you will need to apply to the special Interdepartmental Commission, composed of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of justice, Ministry of culture, health Ministry, education Ministry, Ministry of economic development, FAS. After the approval of the Commission, the Ministry of justice will submit to the Government a draft order on consent for the use of "Russian" of the company name. If the Government will deny you the money you will not return.Do not use the name of the company the names of Russian cities, regions, and Federal entities. It also required permission of the city hall. The firm with the same name to register possible, but you can sue the same municipality.
The tax authorities do not like names that duplicate the names of government agencies. For example, "Ministry of Finance". Don't create yourself problems.Allowed to call his company the "name" of the already existing. Your enterprise will vary Main state registration number (OGRN), taxpayer-Ohm, etc. However, the name brand of the brand you use without her consent is not allowed.
Prepare bylaws, articles of incorporation, the decision on creation of the legal entity, apply for registration of the company with your chosen name, pay stamp duty and submit the documents for registration to the Tax office at your place of permanent residence.

Advice 3: How to know the address of tax

How to know the address of tax? The easiest way to find out is to use a special service that offers official site of the Federal tax service. Step-by-step manual will help to install not only address inspection, but and payment details.
How to know the address of tax

To know the address of your tax

The easiest way to find the address of your tax office — to access the special service that features the official website of the Federal tax service. In order to use this service, you only need to know your address. All further — a trick.

On the main page there is a button "Contact inspections". If you go through it, you can see the page where the service has listed the desired tax authority. If it is impossible to do this, you should use another button with the title "Address and payment details Your inspection." Smart service will prompt you to enter the code IFNS (Inspectorate of the Federal tax service). What to do if the code is unknown? Just click "next", and then, step by step to enter address data.

So, gradually entered a region, locality, street and house and as a result, the service provides address, payment details of the desired tax. Here and published office hours in which this public authority should be consulted. By the way, for appointment to the tax office you can use the procedure of electronic records proposed on the same site.

Address of the tax Inspectorate of the counterparty

If you need to specify the address of the tax authority serving the person or entity with whom the contract is concluded (the counterparty) is also the most simple solution would be to enlist the help of official site FTS of Russia.

On the main page are buttons, one of which is called "other functions FNS". When you click on it, you can see several very useful functions, which include and allow for verification of the counterparty. Here, at the bottom of the page there is a listing of types of potential counterparties. Are individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Now it only remains to select the required contractor from the list to select the function "checking contractors". In the present form will only need to make known data about companies, not all, and that is known.

As a result, the service will give information about the desired legal entity. In the form for the organization, among other things, will be reflected and the name of the tax Inspectorate, and its address.

The proposed options of establishing a ' tax absolutely legal, free and most simple and accessible.
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