Today, thanks to the presence of special cleaning products to maintain clean carpets and rugs in your house much easier. Once a week a good go vacuum the floor, shake or knock the Palace, and, as necessary, to use household chemicals. But powerful cleaning products may not be suitable for all carpets as often they settle on the pile and can cause allergic reactions. And experts advise to resort to household chemicals in moderation, and wash the carpets at most 2 times a year.

General housekeeping: how to clean rugs and carpets with short pile

The most reliable and effective means of wet cleaning with chemical cleaners, it should be at most 2-4 times a year, observing precautions.

Carpet, the first thing you need to thoroughly vacuum or beat the dust. Apply to the surface cleaning, use either a vacuum cleaner with special nozzles, or a soft brush, do not forget the gloves. After you evenly distribute the tool across the surface, you must re-vacuum the carpet to wait for the foam to penetrate deeper is not necessary. Remember, rugs carpets and not very much humidity.

As the carpet pile is short, and chemistry shouldn't be left on the surface for a long time. After cleaning it is recommended to ventilate the room.

Struggling with the complexities of: removing stains

Wash rugs carpets and chemistry is often impossible. But what if a late dinner led to the appearance of fresh spots on the carpet or red wine spilled on its surface? In this case, you can quickly prepare your pyatnovyvodnye tool. To do this, take 1 teaspoon of Laundry soap and dissolve it in warm water, then add a little wine vinegar. Moisten received by means of a rag or a soft brush, apply the product on the stain, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

If the stain is dried and old, soak the surface in this area with glycerin and leave to dry for 9-10 hours, then go over it with a soap solution.

The care of color

To carpet or carpet looked clean and fresh, just enough to remove the pollution, it is necessary to periodically update the color. Doing so is simple: 2 tablespoons of ammonia dissolved in 1 l of water, with a brush evenly apply the solution on the carpet. After that wipe the surface of the carpets with a dry cloth.