Carpet cleaning services in cleaning many companies simply can not afford, have to cope on their own. Here are a few rules to follow when self-cleaning carpets:

  • Do not use hot water. Wash carpets only cold or lukewarm water.

  • Clean and vacuum carpet only in the direction of the pile. So it will remain soft and bright.

  • Remove fresh stains immediately, because the old can not bring at all.

  • Chemicals for cleaning are suitable only for synthetic carpets. Natural carpets such means can hopelessly spoil.

How to clean the carpet at home?

The most common way to clean the carpet with salt or sawdust. Take fine salt and spread it on the carpet. Then actively scrubbing brush and wet're sweeping a broom. Repeat this procedure until, until salt remains white. At the end of cleaning vacuum clean carpet.

Environmentally friendly and very effective method of carpet cleaning is a cleaning sauerkraut. It will light stains, will wash the dirt from the depth of the pile and freshen the color of the carpet. For this method take sauerkraut without vinegar, squeeze it and scatter on the carpet. Then clean the carpet with a brush along with cabbage. If the cabbage has become dirty, collect it in a colander, rinse under running water and use again. When the cabbage will stay clean, take it away. Leave the carpet a little dry, and then vacuum.

In winter, the carpet can be cleaned on the street in dry snow. Just place a carpet on the snow, sprinkle snow and sweeps with a broom. In wet snow is not recommended to lay the carpet because it just gets wet and all the dirt will remain inside the fibers.

To refresh the color of the carpet, use ammonia or citric acid. To do this, dissolve the ingredients in water in a ratio of 2 teaspoons to 1 liter of fluid. Then brush clean the carpet and allow it to dry.

How to remove stains from the carpet

Universal tool for removing spots from carpet can be done independently, simply mix the 7 pints of water, three teaspoons of detergent for dishes and a quarter Cup of vinegar and ammonia.

Stains from fruit, red wine and blood can be cleaned with cold water. Add a tablespoon of ammonia in a liter of water and wash the stains.

Stains from tea, cocoa or coffee can be washed off with cold water and added to glycerin.

If the carpet dug through the mud – leave it, let it dry, later vacuum.

Chewing gum, drops from wax and paraffin can be removed simply by freezing them. Attach them to the ice, and then remove them.

The grease stain on the carpet and sprinkle talcum powder, chalk or sawdust. Then cover it with the paper blotter and proutyuzhte.

If the stain is already dry – store it with glycerin and leave overnight. In the morning rinse with soap and water.

Look after your home as for themselves. And then he will please you with comfort, cleanliness and freshness.