If your hair is long, you will gather them the usual vacuum cleaner. Harder with short and fine hairs, they are more woven into the NAP of the carpet. Here have some work to do.
Sweep the carpet with a wet broom. This procedure will remove only the part of the hair, but all of the remaining hairs will go up and they can be collected with a vacuum cleaner.
Clean the carpet with a damp brush or cloth. Start with one of the edges and gradually work your way along its length. The extent of contamination, rinse the rag in clean water. Don't forget to change the water. This cleaning method is rather laborious and will take some time. But you will be able to clean the carpet from the hair even in the most severe cases.
Mix 200 ml of softener with a glass of water. With spray to evenly spread the solution on the carpet. This will help to soften the hairs. After that, simply vacuum the surface.
To remove hair from the carpet and ordinary baking soda. Spread it over the surface and vacuum thoroughly.
Buy at the pet store the glove for combing dogs and cats. One aspect of this product is rubberized, which it easily adheres olinala wool.
To collect hair from the carpet can also sticky tape, such as duct tape or roller for cleaning clothes. Wrap the arm with duct tape (sticky side out), press to the surface. The extent of contamination of the tape change. Sticky roller can simply ride on the carpet – he will gather with him all the garbage.
As corny as it may sound, timely systematic vacuum cleaning – home recipe maintaining cleanliness of the carpet. It is much easier to remove individual hairs, not trampled into the pavement, rather than to clean off the whole "fur outfit".