Advice 1: How to clean carpets with a long NAP

Among flooring rugs remain very popular, despite the emergence of convenient and practical laminate flooring, cheap linoleum and soft carpeting or carpet. Shaggy rugs are extremely soft, pleasant, safe, their plank in bedrooms and children's rooms. But they require special care and attention.
How to clean carpets with a long NAP
You will need
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • hard broom;
  • soft sponge;
  • carpet cleaners;
  • vinegar;
  • salt;
  • ammonia.
The greater the length and density of the pile of the carpet, the more dust appears on the surface. One square meter can produce up to one kilogram of dirt. Therefore, you should regularly and timely to clean the carpet using special tools and instruments.
You need to clean the carpet with vacuum cleaner a few times a week, this is the most effective cleanser for a long NAP. A small amount of dust and dirt it will be removed very quickly and without problems. Do not get too often to vacuum the shaggy rug, if you bought it recently, as the fibers may be insufficiently stable. Over time, the vacuum cleaner can not cope with the amount of dust that remains on the pile, so you need to regularly carry out other cleansing procedures.
Winter beat out a carpet across the surface, hanging it on the tube wrong side out. It is advisable to do it in front of his house, not in the apartment. If snow fell, it can be used for cleaning. Spread a carpet on the snow-covered area, put the lint outside. Sprinkle with snow and sweep a stiff broom.
Removing part of the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner, snow and extract, can bring purity to perfection special modern detergents. Use a shampoo for carpets Vanish, Bingo or, "Pile", "Cabrol". They are composed of the alkali, so you should not too often to apply them, as over time they start to affect the brightness of the carpet. After cleaning, these tools clean the lint acidic composition, for example, vinegar. To do this, dissolve a Cup of vinegar in a bucket of water, apply solution on a sponge or soft cloth and wipe in the direction of the pile.

Household chemicals can be replaced by other improvised means. Cleans table salt, in addition, it will refresh the paint and increase the brightness. Spread a carpet on the floor and sprinkle with salt. Hard broom soak in soapy warm water and remove salts from the surface, occasionally lifting the broom in the water. Instead of salt you can use broken tea, bran, sawdust, ground pumice. Remove all of these substances, knocking on the carpet.
The rugs can be cleaned in ammonia. To do this, take five liters of water, three spoons of powder and a spoonful of ammonia, make a solution. Apply it on the pile with a soft brush and remove the first wet, then dry with rags. After wet cleaning, thoroughly dry the carpet.
The rugs are quite difficult to clean, but the effort to care for them pay off with comfort and beauty in the house.

Advice 2 : How to clear the carpets

The pleasure of walking on soft carpet! But under one condition – if the carpet is clean. And to achieve this, unfortunately, is not always easy. Carpet care is a quite difficult and time-consuming activity, and a broom with the vacuum cleaner not always able to clean the pile of dust. So at least twice a year (and preferably every two months) is recommended to dislodge carpets. How to do it right?
How to clear the carpets
Carpets only get outdoors – in the yard. In the summer they do in the dry (and better windless) weather in the winter – in the snow time, when the air temperature is not below 2-4 degrees below zero.
Before the carpet, as it should vacuum it on both sides (from the side of the pile, and the base end) is otherwise during transportation of dust that pours out of the carpet, will spread throughout the house. After cleaning, roll the carpet into a roll with pile inside – it is now ready for removal in the yard.
In order to beat out a carpet, you need to hang it on the ladder (they must be smooth, flat and sufficiently wide, otherwise the carpet may be damaged, or it will have creases). You can also spread a carpet on the plane, napped down.
The carpet beating made on the part of foundations to avoid damage to the pile. This is best done with a special plastic carpet beater – long, soft, with rounded corners. If you don't have a knockout, you can use this as a brush.
Already embossed carpet have to sweep off slightly wet broom or a soft brush – both from the side of the pile, and from the base.
Useful advice
If you beat a carpet in winter, you can use the old folk method of "cleaning snow". Put the rug on a clean (preferably freshly fallen snow) NAP down, toss on top of the snow and prostuchite a rug beater, so the snow was Packed in the pile. Then flip the carpet, sweep up the snow and start knocking out the normal way. How fresh and clean will be your carpet after a "snow" cleaning, you will notice immediately with the naked eye.

Advice 3 : How to wash the carpets with a wet vacuum

Almost 80 percent of the time the person is in the room and inhales the dust that accumulates in carpets, curtains, and other places. Cleaning carpets and other surfaces conventional vacuum cleaner does not give the desired result. The dust control is much more effective wet cleaning, which is performed using a detergent cleaner.
How to wash the carpets with a wet vacuum
You will need
  • - detergent cleaner;
  • - brush attachment for carpets;
  • water;
  • special carpet shampoo.
Thoroughly clean carpets a normal vacuum cleaner to remove dry dirt and grains of sand that had accumulated on its surface and under the pile. Use the tip-out brush.
Before treating carpet or other soft surface wet vacuum, check the interaction of the pile with special shampoos, or detergents used in wet cleaning. In the process of processing chemicals carpets can lose their original color and Shine. Experts recommend to use detergents, which is no chlorine, since these drugs are considered to be more gentle.
Pour the water into the provided for the design of the vacuum cleaner tank, add a carpet shampoo in the amount indicated on the package.
Pick up nozzle designed for wet processing the carpet. Typically, the main nozzle with the adapter kit supplied with the vacuum cleaner, designed for wet cleaning.
Move the brush vacuum along the pile, first back, then forward. After the first band is processed, proceed to the next section. When cleaning carpets made of natural materials is best to use a nozzle with a long NAP. For carpets and synthetic carpets use a brush with short bristles.
After wet cleaning, dry carpet cleaner.
Some time try not to walk on carpet until it thoroughly dries out. On average, it takes 2-3 hours. The duration depends on the length of the pile, natural humidity and other factors.
Vacuum cleaners should be used to clean carpets on the basis of thin latex, tiled or paved with natural stone surfaces. It is not recommended to make them wet cleaning of furniture, carpet on the foam base, oak flooring, as all of these items and coating sensitive to moisture.
Useful advice
Almost immediately dry up floor coverings, laminated flooring, ceramic tiles and linoleum. New carpets made of natural wool can not be vacuumed during the first six months. It will be enough three times in a week to collect the surface dust with a soft broom.

Advice 4 : Disadvantages of long-pile carpets

Braided rugs with a NAP, usually designed for decoration of flooring. In the interior they perform several functions: are the decorative elements, insulate the floor surface and zvukoizoliruyuschie. In the room where the floor is carpet, the feeling of warmth and comfort. Recently, particularly popular with designers are long-pile rugs even have a separate name – shaggy (from the English. shaggy - shaggy).
Disadvantages of long-pile carpets

What are the carpets

Carpets are made from both natural materials: silk, wool and cotton and of synthetic fibres: acrylic, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Natural carpets are more durable, and synthetic is easier to care for. The base of the natural rugs is a dense cotton canvas and synthetic – it's rubber or vinyl. The price of the carpet depends not only on the material, but also on the height of the pile, the longer it is, the more valuable the carpet, all else being equal.

Disadvantages of long-pile carpets

Perhaps the main disadvantage of this carpet is its cost, because the price of 1 square meter of wool carpet medium NAP starts from 800 rubles, while a square meter of rug-shaggy will cost not cheaper than 3,000 rubles.

But most often they are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers, allowing you to create the most intricate color combinations and prolong the service life of such products. In addition, long-pile carpets are not allergens, have stain-resistant and antistatic properties.

Of course, they are not very suitable for hallways and seats in the house – in these cases, the pile will crush very quickly, and wiped, and they formed a well-trodden path. But in the spacious living room with little furniture or in a cosy bedroom or nursery long will be very helpful.
The living room carpets-shaggy can even be placed over a solid floor with a lint-free coating from the carpet, they look very impressive.

How to brush long-pile carpet

Despite the apparent complexity, long-pile rugs are quite easy to care for. Weekly they should be vacuumed, as well as any other carpet. But in this case it is more convenient to use a plastic nozzle of a vacuum cleaner without brushes. However, the conventional nozzle with a brush is also occasionally used to fluff up the NAP of the carpet. With the same purpose, it can periodically shake out.
If the carpet was formed the spot, it should be removed as quickly as possible, so dirt does not soak into the fibers. Clean the contamination from the edges of the stain to its center to avoid spreading the dirt.

Once a year or every six months this carpet should be treated with a wet vacuum. The wrong side also need to be periodically cleaned with a detergent cleaner. For cleaning long-pile carpets use a special dry powder cleaning. Pour it evenly on the carpet and then removed using a conventional cleaner.

Advice 5 : How to get coffee stain from carpet

Almost every second person is not morning without a Cup of strong flavoured coffee. It coffee becomes the perfect tool to somehow cheer up if you are already late for work. But in the rush and you can pour the drink, for example, on the carpet. And what to do to get rid of the terrible brown spots on the surface of the floor covering?
How to get coffee stain from carpet

Custom cleaning carpets from stains coffee

Many are accustomed to clean carpets contaminated with the help of special shampoos and gels). But what if the blur was an accident, house no carpet there, and you're late for work? In such cases, you will help of different handy tools.

In terms of getting rid of carpet stains from coffee are proven substances such as soda, alcohol, yogurt, salt, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, Laundry detergent and regular dishwashing carpets. If you decide to use one of these tools, for convenient application of a cleaning mass, and cleaning the carpet is better to use a special brush.

How remove stains coffee with milk from carpet

If you spilled black coffee with milk on the carpet and then want to remove the stain, then pour sparkling mineral water. This method will not give coffee much to eat into the texture of the carpet. When you have a free time (for example, when you get home from work), the coffee stain should be sprinkled with baking soda, leave it for half an hour, and then remove dirt with a brush and means to wash the carpet.

Also you can simply apply baking soda on the carpet stain and leave it for some time. After this you will need to remove the remnants of baking soda with a sponge and wipe the place where there was a coffee stain with a cloth moistened with alcohol (best to wipe with alcohol the carpet several times).

How to remove spots of black coffee

If you spill on the carpet is black coffee without sugar and milk, then remove the stain you can use yogurt and milk. For this you will need to put on the spot warm milk or chilled yogurt and leave for half an hour. After that the remnants of such a cleaning agent should be removed with a sponge.

Dried coffee stains on carpet should be first slightly moistened with glycerin, and then wipe several times with alcohol. Old coffee stains can be removed with a wet mixture of salt and a few drops of ammonia. Using this mixture, you need to leave her on the carpet for 3-5 minutes and then remove the brush.

How to clean a shag carpet from coffee stains

If you spilled coffee on the rug or carpet with long pile, then remove stains using gasoline. Gasoline to moisten the stain, then wipe it with alcohol several times. In conclusion, we need your carpet cleaned with a special cleaner to wash carpets.
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