You will need
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • hard broom;
  • soft sponge;
  • carpet cleaners;
  • vinegar;
  • salt;
  • ammonia.
The greater the length and density of the pile of the carpet, the more dust appears on the surface. One square meter can produce up to one kilogram of dirt. Therefore, you should regularly and timely to clean the carpet using special tools and instruments.
You need to clean the carpet with vacuum cleaner a few times a week, this is the most effective cleanser for a long NAP. A small amount of dust and dirt it will be removed very quickly and without problems. Do not get too often to vacuum the shaggy rug, if you bought it recently, as the fibers may be insufficiently stable. Over time, the vacuum cleaner can not cope with the amount of dust that remains on the pile, so you need to regularly carry out other cleansing procedures.
Winter beat out a carpet across the surface, hanging it on the tube wrong side out. It is advisable to do it in front of his house, not in the apartment. If snow fell, it can be used for cleaning. Spread a carpet on the snow-covered area, put the lint outside. Sprinkle with snow and sweep a stiff broom.
Removing part of the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner, snow and extract, can bring purity to perfection special modern detergents. Use a shampoo for carpets Vanish, Bingo or, "Pile", "Cabrol". They are composed of the alkali, so you should not too often to apply them, as over time they start to affect the brightness of the carpet. After cleaning, these tools clean the lint acidic composition, for example, vinegar. To do this, dissolve a Cup of vinegar in a bucket of water, apply solution on a sponge or soft cloth and wipe in the direction of the pile.

Household chemicals can be replaced by other improvised means. Cleans table salt, in addition, it will refresh the paint and increase the brightness. Spread a carpet on the floor and sprinkle with salt. Hard broom soak in soapy warm water and remove salts from the surface, occasionally lifting the broom in the water. Instead of salt you can use broken tea, bran, sawdust, ground pumice. Remove all of these substances, knocking on the carpet.
The rugs can be cleaned in ammonia. To do this, take five liters of water, three spoons of powder and a spoonful of ammonia, make a solution. Apply it on the pile with a soft brush and remove the first wet, then dry with rags. After wet cleaning, thoroughly dry the carpet.