Cats, dogs and other Pets bring a lot of joy and positive emotions to their owners. But there are significant problems and hassle associated with content furry Pets. Shedding the coat of the pet is posted literally all over the house, lingering particularly on carpets and carpeting. Ordinary vacuuming does not give the desired effect - when this option is absorbed only long hair, while fine just implanted in the base of the carpet, intertwined with the NAP.

How to clean carpet from wool: wet ways

Experienced hostess recommended to clean the carpet from wool to walk on its surface with a cloth soaked in an aqueous solution of the softener. And then vacuum the carpet. Air thins the hairs, allowing the vacuum cleaner easier to cope with them.

To clean the wool carpet of dark, need to fill the perimeter of the used tea leaves (dry) then wet clean with a broom sweep the carpet from one end to the other. The hairs wound around the pieces of tea leaves and the carpet will be cleaned not only from wool, but also dust.

There is another effective way. You can take a washcloth, wet it with water or a weak solution of vinegar and walk it across the carpet. This way you can remove the hair as well as long and short hairs. And the vinegar will give a fresh new look, even old carpet.

Soft cat fur on the carpet is easy to clean dipped in glycerin Terry sock, worn on the hand. Using this method you can collect from carpet like hair and thin the undercoat.

Wool cleans well with a carpet brush for floor "pad". Systematically dampening it with water, you can remove all surface contamination from the carpet. A vacuum cleaner can cope better with this task than the ordinary "dry" counterpart. It is ideal for owners of wire-haired breeds of dog (Scotch Terrier or the Airedale Terriers).

How to clean carpet from wool: dry method

Very effective method is to wind the tape on the hand sticky side out. You need to sweep hair from the carpet, tightly holding the Velcro to the surface of the coating. For convenience, you can buy in any hardware store special roller with tape for cleaning of textiles from wool.

To avoid the lengthy processes for the removal of wool from the carpet, it is desirable to regularly clean the apartment more frequently and comb your four-legged friend.