Hematoma in a newborn baby is the result of effusion of blood into the tissue cavity into which it is accumulation and the adoption of a more dense form. One of the reasons for the formation of a hematoma in the newborn can be load, which falls on the child, when it passes through the birth canal. The reasons can be: lymph stagnation which occurs in the tissues of the newborn, the difference in fetal and external pressure can lead to hematoma. The baby can burst capillaries or blood vessels, resulting in hemorrhage occur in the subcutaneous tissues and appear hematoma. The birth of a baby prematurely can be another cause.
The most common type of hematoma in infants is cephalohematoma (appearance of swelling on the head), this type of hematoma is a result of hemorrhage between the flat bones of the skull and the periosteum. The color of the skin over the tumor remains the same, but the skin become visible petechial hemorrhages.
Hematoma in the newborn is a normal phenomenon, parents do not have a serious cause for concern. Within 7 - 10 days it should go away on its own. If not, you need to consult a specialist, who with the help of puncture aspirates the child blood and the syringe removes the liquid. This procedure is not dangerous, but is extremely necessary, as otherwise, the hematoma will begin the formation of pus (which will eventually turn into a cyst), with the result that the heads of newborn babies deformed. If there is a suspicion on the abscess will need surgical intervention.
Medication treatment of hematoma of the newborn are appointed by the steroids which are aimed at the suspension of the growth of blood vessels that make up the hematoma. They need to take from several weeks to several months, the length of treatment is determined individually by the attending physician. As side effects from steroids the child can be a change of appetite, swelling, mood swings, decrease in growth rate and the occurrence of stomatitis. Sometimes a child may be prescribed vitamin K "calcium Gluconate", which help to strengthen blood vessels. Using these drugs increases blood clotting and decreases the bleeding.
The surgical method of treatment of a hematoma may be used a laser or scalpel. Using the laser destroys the growing blood vessels that are components of the hematoma, leading to blockage of its growth. When using a scalpel, a hematoma can be completely removed.