At birth violated physiological placental barrier and the mother's blood partially enters the fetus. With blood flow the baby receives female hormones of the mother, the concentration of which in the moment of birth is high. Therefore neonates on day 3-5 of life often occurs mastitis, i.e. inflammation of the mammary glands. Treatment of such illness one compress with a solution of magnesium sulfate. One pack for an infant enough 1 ampoule in 10 ml. heat it up in hot water to 38 degrees, because if you apply the solution at room temperature, will provoke even more inflammation, and the therapeutic effect is. Heated with a solution of magnesia 2 it is necessary to moisten gauze (or cotton pad 2), attach to teats, cover it with the oilcloth or polyethylene, so that the solution does not escape.
Next, be sure to put a layer of cotton wool with a thickness of 2 cm and fix the compress with a bandage, winding it around the chest. To use elastic bandage is impossible, since it will compress the tissue and in a tight overlay - chest that makes breathing difficult. You will need standard or viscose gauze bandage. Be sure to cover the top of the baby blanket (in summer, a diaper). The poultice should be removed after 1-1.5 hours.
Healthy newborns in the first days of life are vaccinated against hepatitis B. Sometimes after the injection remains subcutaneous seal, which requires treatment, and the doctor recommends that the newborn put alcohol compress. Baby skin is very delicate and legkorastvorimah to avoid causing a chemical burn use a 20% solution of alcohol. Application technique of the compress identical with the method of setting a compress of magnesium sulphate, only the overlay not the chest, and the injection site. Alcohol compress a newborn should be applied for 20 to 40 minutes after its removal it is necessary to wipe the skin with warm water, then dry with the paper towel and wrap the baby in a warm diaper.
Purulent sores children rarely prescribe a compress with the solution "Dimexide". Given the peculiarities of children's organism it is necessary to use a solution of low concentration, for his guidance concentrate "Dimexidum" diluted with boiled or distilled water in the ratio of 1 to 20. This solution not be heated, so you should warm the water for breeding to 38.5 degrees. Apply this poultice should be 30-50 minutes, but no more. Then the skin should be washed with warm water and place around the wound to grease baby cream.
The place of BCG vaccination, which is done in the shoulder on the 3-7 day of life in the nursing home, often inflamed. The formation of papules - natural process for this vaccination, therefore, to impose a compress on the injection site is strictly prohibited.