Much easier to beg a gift from a lover, when everything is "infected" pre fever and excitedly delve into shopping bazaars. Take a stroll at this time with her lover at the Mall, where they meet and jewelry departments, and lingerie boutiques, furriers, and many other shops with Souvenirs and toys. Your man looks at other men, generous to buy gifts to their ladies, and don't want to lose face.
How to promote lover gifts
Always give thanks for any gift made to you. The man, seeing the sincere joy on your face, you'll want to look at this, and your positive reaction. Kiss your dear friend, take care of him in return - will offer hot tea or cold lemonade, depending on the time of year. Take a little souvenir with your own hands and give it to the lover - that you will prove to him that make the gift very nice.
How to promote lover gifts
Good gifts, which are issued by the series - rings-weeks, underwear, home accessories in the same style. You can always say that there is another thing that will be set with existing. And keychains and other stuff are never superfluous.

Show broken cell phone and say that, unfortunately, you will not be able to answer calls sweetheart and write him a text. Presenting such a situation, he will immediately run to buy you a new phone model.
How to promote lover gifts
In winter it is advisable to sniff and shiver from the cold, longingly looking at the warm furry coats of the lucky winners. Man, not having a heart of ice, has correctly understood the hints and you will acquire fur clothes. In the evening don't forget to make a gift to him, wearing a fur coat on a naked body.
How to promote lover gifts
Feed lover a delicious dinner, and when he will praise your culinary talents complain that we had all kitchen appliances to borrow from a neighbor. If a man in the future will want to eat fabulous meals prepared by you, he will give you a chic kitchen appliance. Certainly show all the charm of eating at home the two of you and candles, the music that you like both and no problems with the place after eating.

The result will be that all that is beloved buy for you, you must first him.
How to promote lover gifts