Gifts are meant to Express how people respect each other, what each other think and how you envision your future. And believe me, not easy to choose the right gift. If you're buying underwear or clothes and not guess the size (buy too small or too big), it can always be the cause of the quarrel. A bouquet or chocolate, in turn, suggests that when choosing a gift you are difficult to show even the least imagination. Here is a list of gifts that women identified as totally unacceptable (especially in the beginning of the relationship).

1. If you are not going to ask for her hand, avoid jewelry and especially rings. So you do not create an unjustified impression of wanting to move your relationship to a new level.

2. At that time, as the ring is considered to be too "assertive" in such impersonal things as kitchen utensils, is perceived by women as a personal insult. You are lucky if you donated to the pot will not be on your head.

3. If you are still together in a short time, avoid buying underwear. Your partner may perceive this gift as too intimate, and to understand its ambiguous.

4. You bought tickets to a sporting event, although the sport is not interested in her, or tickets to a concert of a group that like, first of all, you? The best evidence of your selfishness, you couldn't provide.

5. Avoid any cheap gifts for the office. Work definitely should not be personal gifts. Be sure the rug under his arm she won't appreciate it.