Requirements for egg donor

Age women who donate their egg, can range from 25 to 30 years. However, she should not have chronic diseases and genetic disorders. Another condition for the woman donor is the absence of strong phenotypic character. It should be no contraindications to the stimulation of follicles to hormones. Before the procedure of putting the egg a woman passes the examination by a physician and psychologist, and then start preparing for the oocyte aspiration for IVF. This process consists of a special hormonal therapy.

I take the egg for IVF

The process of egg retrieval is done under short anesthesia. The operation takes about 10-20 minutes. After its completion the women can freely move and do the usual things as well and not in pain. After the puncture of the oocytes frozen with liquid nitrogen. Thus the formation of egg banking.

The effects of egg donation

The woman who became the egg donor and carrying out the same procedure again, must withstand the three-month period, to get the body back to normal. This time is necessary for recovery of the ovaries after hormonal therapy.

How to find egg donor

In recent years, the phenomenon of pregnancy with the egg donor, is widely spread. Especially among couples who for whatever reason are unable to conceive naturally, but have a great desire to become parents.

A woman who wants to do IVF, first drew his attention to close friends and relatives as potential donors. The remarkable outcome of the situation can be considered, if found a man who wants to become an egg donor and successfully passed all examination. But it often happens that among friends a suitable candidate is found. For this purpose, a special announcement, anyone who wishes to donate eggs and those who they have become. You can find them in specialized clinics.

For the procedure it is best to contact a reliable and trusted companies which spetsializiruyutsya it is on the ECO. Such clinics can guarantee the patient the individual approach and even pick up eggs in accordance with the wishes of parents in relation to the appearance of the unborn child. Experts will identify the right donor who has the necessary kit will. That is, if you want you can even choose the color of the eyes and General anatomy of the unborn child. For women suffering from infertility, egg donation is the best option, allowing you to experience all the joys of motherhood.