Advice 1: How to reduce eye pressure

Eye pressure is created with the contents of the eyeball by acting on its fibrous (hard) shell – the sclera and cornea. In the norm it is from 9 to 22 mm of mercury.St. Eye pressure increases when various conditions (headaches, colds, diseases of the eye).
How to reduce eye pressure
You will need
  • To prepare the infusion of seeds:
  • - 2 h l. anise seeds,
  • - 2 tsp of coriander seeds,
  • - 2 tsp fennel seeds,
  • - 0.5 liters of boiling water.
  • To prepare a decoction of aloe:
  • - 2 leaves of aloe
  • - 1 tbsp. water.
  • For infusion of clover
  • - 1 tsp. flowers of clover,
  • - 200 ml of boiling water.
Eye pressure increases when the fluid of the eye begins to push on the cornea and the sclera. Under its influence, worsening the work of the small capillaries, leading to a net outflow of intraocular fluid. As a result, they deform, increases the risk of glaucoma resulting in blindness. Reduce eye pressure help drugs - eye drops. They must be used only as directed by your doctor. With increased intraocular pressure the following medications: "Kaltan", "Travatan", "Betoptic", "Timolol".
"Xaltan" prescribed for intraocular pressure on the background of ophthalmotonus or open-angle form of glaucoma. The drug promotes the outflow of fluid by activating FP receptors. "Travatan" is used for the same indications as the "Xaltan". Medication stimulates, accelerates and facilitates the outflow of fluid accumulating between the cornea and the crystalline lens."Betoptic" refers to the group of selective beta-blockers. It reduces the volume of accumulated fluid. "Timolol" is a non-selective beta-blocker, inhibiting the production of intraocular fluid.
To reduce eye pressure, ensure a good outflow of blood from the veins of the head. To do this, do not tighten the tie too tight, refrain from wearing tight collars around his neck. Need to sleep on a high pillow, it is impossible to use the computer in poor light, do not watch TV in the dark. Refrain from heavy physical exertion, can not work "vnakladku". At elevated ocular pressure contraindications drinking alcohol and Smoking cigarettes.
In coordination with the physician, use at higher eye pressure traditional medicine, for example, a mixture of honey and onion juice. Grate the onion on a grater, squeeze through cheesecloth juice. Mix it with liquid honey in the ratio of 1:1. A tool drip 2 drops in each eye, twice a day. Every prepare a new mixture, how long to store it. Pour into a suitable container of anise seeds, coriander, and fennel. Pour a mixture of 0,5 l of boiling water and leave for half an hour. Strain and take ½ Cup three times a day.
Cut the fleshy leaves of perennial aloe. Wash them and cut into small pieces, put into a small pan. Fill with filtered water, boil. Cook on low heat for 5-6 minutes, Strain broth and rinse their eyes 2-4 times a day. With increased intraocular pressure, use a decoction of meadow clover. Pour the dry raw materials into the Cup, pour boiling water, cover with a napkin. After the infusion has cooled, strain it. Remedy take ½ Cup before bedtime.

Advice 2 : How to lower eye pressure

Elevated eye pressure is a major cause of glaucoma. This disease can lead to the destruction of the first peripheral and then Central areas of vision, reducing sensitivity of cells to the optic nerve, retina, metabolic disturbances, and further to the partial or complete loss of vision.
How to lower eye pressure
If signs of glaucoma should consult a doctor to adjust your lifestyle and diet, to use folk remedies to reduce eye pressure.
Glaucoma can be distinguished by the following signs: itchy eyes, heaviness in the eyes, headache, the appearance of iridescent circles when looking at light sources. If you have any of these symptoms should immediately undergo appropriate examinations at the ophthalmologist for treatment: therapeutic, with eyedrops for better outflow of aqueous fluid or reducing its production; laser or surgical. It is recommended to detect glaucoma in the early stages after the age of 40 to undergo an annual examination.
For lowering eye pressure must be maintained gentle common mode excluding overvoltage and too high physical activity, limiting the amount of salt and of fluids you drink up to 6 glasses a day exclusion from the diet of coffee, strong tea, a ban on alcohol and Smoking. In addition, you need to eat more foods containing vitamins a, b, C, D, PP, and calcium. Very useful lessons with variety (swimming, badminton, tennis), Hiking, lasting more than 30 minutes and professional therapeutic massage of the neck.
As folk remedies to prevent the development of glaucoma are widely used infusion of duckweed little or juice of celandine, mixed with water in equal proportion, in form of lotions on the eyes. For oral administration recommended a decoction of nettle infusion or powder sleep-grass meadow, infusion, brewed from shoots of wild pear. Lowering eye pressure is facilitated by the instillation into the eyes of onion juice with honey.
A very popular plant for the treatment of glaucoma is the Golden mustache. Made from it infusions can be drunk or to do them from the lotion and also juice of plant used as eye drops.
Intraocular pressure is formed due to located inside the capsule of the ocular fluid and the vitreous body. They put pressure on the capsule from the inside and create the overall tone of the eye or, in other words, the intraocular pressure of a person. Due to the intraocular pressure, provides nutrition to the eye and maintained its spherical form.
Useful advice
Intraocular pressure is determined by the balance between the formation of intraocular moisture and its outflow. In fact, intraocular pressure is the pressure which the contents of the eyeball has on his wall. In the latter case the reason is not eye pressure and blood flow within the optic nerve. What is glaucoma, what are the symptoms and signs?
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