The basis of the diet

If cholesterol is important to limit intake of foods high in animal fat while keeping the calorie content and nutritional value of the usual diet. There is a perception that in such diseases it is necessary to completely give up meat. Actually you should give up fatty meat in favor of lean veal and beef.

It is permissible to eating lean poultry meat – Turkey, chicken (without the skin). It is best to choose white meat poultry with the breast.

It is recommended to consume sufficient quantity of lean fish, e.g. cod, pink salmon, chum salmon. But from carp, salmon and other fatty fish should be abandoned.

As a garnish you can use beans, peas, buckwheat, pasta of durum wheat. The bread should be made from flour, and the loaves, baguette and other kinds of white bread will have to forget.

A good snack for people with high cholesterol, consists of green or black tea with nuts or fruit.

Increase cholesterol foods

In addition to what you need to know what products should be discontinued when excessive cholesterol. Given that a large part of this substance our body produces, you must strictly adhere to the diet and eliminate the consumption of illicit drugs with high cholesterol for at least a few months.

Prohibited products include:

  • Fatty meats and fish;
  • Milk and milk products with a fat content above 1.5%;
  • Butter, margarine, mayonnaise;
  • Meat products: salami, sausages, bacon, etc.;
  • Offal: brains, kidneys, liver.

A more accurate ration can be made only by a physician, which based on the analysis of the General condition of the body will be able to set food priorities for the daily menu.

Useful and fatty

One can often encounter the misconception that oils are cholesterol increases the products. In fact, vegetable, flax, olive and other types of oils include vegetable fats, so useful for the body.

It is best to use flax oil and olive oil for salad dressing. But from frying-should be abandoned.

The same applies to eggs. The yolk contains much cholesterol, and the protein completely safe to eat in unlimited quantities. At the same time, as the doctors, moderate consumption of eggs is permissible – in this case, a week can not eat more than 3 eggs.