You will need
  • - fruits and vegetables;
  • slave and seafood;
  • - sunflower and olive oil;
  • - dairy products with low fat content.
The first and easiest thing to remember about the day you need to eat 4-5 fruits or vegetables excluding potatoes. Fiber through the intestines, removes excess fat. And it contains nutrients that are good for the blood vessels.
Vegetable fats are the best means against atherosclerosis. Among them are very good fats, which are present in linseed oil, corn oil, sunflower and olive oil. Olive oil should be consumed necessarily. The olive oil should be between the person, the number of animal and vegetable (not olive oil) fats consume a day. Because olive oil contains good fatty acids that do not cause atherosclerosis, but, on the contrary, increases the good cholesterol. And sunflower oil is even better. Olive oil contains one unit of fatty acids, sunflower and a few units. Olive oil should be consumed with salads. And the sunflower oil.
Eating fish, even fat enough, you need for high cholesterol. Fat fish has very useful properties. These are the fats that are contained in the composition of the good cholesterol. Therefore, people already sick, myocardial infarction, assigned even in the form of a medicine fish oil capsules. In a healthy diet, aimed against atherosclerosis, you must regularly eat fish in any form, is better fatty varieties that are usually found in the Northern seas.
It is necessary to reduce animal fats. This and fatty meats, and egg yolks, and dairy fats – cream, sour cream, fat cottage cheese 2% and above. All dairy products that contain large amounts of fat. Cheeses especially are dangerous because they contain over 40 % fat. People who have a tendency to atherosclerosis, you can eat only low-fat cheeses and dairy products – up to 2 % fat. Depending on the degree of cholesterolemia.
Animal fat is subcutaneous fat animals, fat on the internal organs, is the fat, fat tail and other products, including fatty meats. Very bad everything that is sold ready – ground beef, dumplings, sausage, some other products, where the meat is not in solid form, and processed. In addition, bad cholesterol contains in egg yolk and in the brain of animals. Yolk, brains, and offal people who have hypercholesterolemia, the use is not recommended.