Rethink your diet. Include more vegetables and limit the consumption of foods high in cholesterol – fatty meat, eggs, egg yolk, whole milk. Make a full menu, including portions of lean meat, fish or cheese. Limit yourself to the consumption of easily digestible carbs – sweets, muffins, sugar. Vegetables and fruits eat fresh or baked form. Reduce the amount of salt to 7 grams per day. Overweight is able to cause cholesterol plaques. Low-calorie diet can slow the development of atherosclerosis.
Change the way of life. Stop Smoking. Smoking stimulates the development of atherosclerosis, especially its intensity. Clinical studies show that an average of four years from the quitters, the level of cholesterol plaques is reduced to the level of never smokers.
Exercise. Go to work by bike or on foot, take nightly walks - so you will get rid of many factors that cause atherosclerosis and maintain normal weight, reduce the risk of diabetes and stress. Clinical studies show that regular exercise increases the level of a-cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis.
Develop psychological resilience to stress. Stress leads to compression of blood vessels, loss of elasticity, improper nutrition leads to the increase of plaque. The ability to relax in any situation causes them to decline.
Watch your health. Studies show that diabetes mellitus, gallstone disease lead to changes in fat metabolism, which is accompanied by increased levels of cholesterol in the blood.
Remember that to reduce the level of cholesterol you can use lifestyle changes, and in the case of urgent need - medication or surgical intervention. Drugs that reduce cholesterol, are selected individually, they must control the doctor.