The brewed tea. To brew helbu, take two teaspoons of the seeds. It is desirable to rinse well. For this yellow tea dry seeds. Drying guide as carefully as possible, preferably a few days. Seeds pour a glass of cold water, then proceed to cooking. Long tea on a fire does not hold, no longer than 7 minutes because it can berezovitsa lose some useful qualities.
Unplanned drinking helby. If Helba appeared in your diet, not as a remedy for the disease, then go ahead and drink as a simple tea. If desired, drink helbo at any time, but limit the amount of helby one or two cups per day, because its excess can be harmful. Tea helby quite specific beverage, it can't all be a good choice. So you can add ginger, cinnamon or sugar. Note that when you drink helby as assistance when problems with the body, the brewing process and receiving a yellow tea can vary.
Helba for nursing mothers. Many probably could meet mention that Helba is considered a women's tea. In the majority's opinion because in the present Halbe diosgenin, which can have similar properties to the hormone estrogen. When used correctly Helba stimulates the process of lactation. Nursing mothers can drink helbo, previously properly prepared. The recipe hardly differs from the common one, but need to add 2 teaspoons of honey and cooking it takes 10 minutes. Drink helbo three times a day to increase lactation.
Helba impotence. Yellow tea is beneficial for men suffering from impotence. To treat crush 2 teaspoons of seed helby, then gradually pour the hot milk mixture. Milk required no more glasses. This kind of yellow tea, take in the morning.
Helba for weight loss. Prepare a herbal mixture. Take a tablespoon of seeds helby, add grated ginger root, a teaspoon of turmeric, mix very thoroughly and add a pinch of cumin and some lemon juice. Pour a mixture of popularly of boiling water, decoction is prepared 5 minutes. From helbu don't drink because it will not give the desired effect. First, let it infuse for 3 hours. Drink a mug of half an hour before meals.