You will need
  • - a small saucepan
  • - sugar
  • - med
  • - milk
  • - ginger
  • - lemon.
At its core, the yellow Egyptian tea is not tea in the traditional sense of the word. If you look at "welding", we can see that it is similar to buckwheat. Yellow tea is the seeds of plants known as Shambhala, fenugreek and under many other names. Therefore, the Egyptian brewed tea is not like the usual varieties.
Before you begin to drink this wonderful drink, it would be nice if I had taken the welding, carefully washed it under running water, put on paper somewhere in a dry place and let them dry for two days. After that, the tea can be brewed.
Beautiful teapot from a favorite service, put the can back on the shelf. Egyptian yellow tea should not pour boiling water, and cook. In order to properly prepare the drink, take a small saucepan, pour 200 – 250 ml of water, pour a tea spoon of tea and put the tea on the fire.
Once the water is boiling, cook the Egyptian yellow tea for seven to eight minutes. After which the drink can be removed from the heat and pour into cups.
Let the tea cool down. According to tradition, drink it not hot, but warm. Add a sugar to taste. Also instead of sugar in a Cup you can put a spoon of honey, add fresh ginger and lemon. Can be diluted in tea with milk, so the drink becomes even tastier.
To eat can and seeds left over after the brewing of tea. They contain many useful substances that positively affect the condition of the internal organs – heart, liver, stomach, spleen, improve blood composition, help to recover after surgery and prolonged colds.