If you've decided to gain popularity, would be a big mistake to curry favor with leaders. It will not command respect, you will just be one of the suites. Don't go for no reason confrontation, but not fawn.
The best way to interest his classmates personality is to be interesting. Don't hide your skills and talents, but not brag about them. Just wait for reason to show them. It can be anything. Maybe you are a great dancer or athlete? Or can easily explain a difficult task? Or know how to program and understand the computer? Or do you do parkour? Feel free to do so, to know about it. You will definitely find a soul mate that will respect you for your skills or capabilities.
Don't be afraid to be alone. It's better than to intrude. Easily go on contact, be friendly, but don't let yourself be pushed around and to manage. The one who allows him to command, will never get respect. And by the way, alone can attract more attention than one of the crowd.
Do not succumb to provocations – not only in order to be admitted to the company, to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Drink, try drugs, not poison someone weaker. If you don't respect drug addicts, maybe it's for the best. If you will be strong, to defend its position, then it will benefit your credibility, and your life.
Try to be aware of the events of a class to know interesting guys around. Maybe you too share this interest, and common interests will help you to establish contact. Try something to help someone, if you really can do it.
A good way to break the ice can be arranged by the party, especially if you have a dacha outside the city. Agree with the parents and send invitations to the entire class. Can show imagination and arrange a theme party, or arrange a joint viewing of the film of interest to all, and then the home disco.
In any case, stay yourself, no matter how lonely at times. Try to develop yourself – find new Hobbies, classes to gain new knowledge. If you have a rich inner life, if you're interesting to talk to and friendly person, you will definitely win anyone's respect.