Before you choose a good book on drawing, is to determine what materials and equipment you want to use. Overall, it is worth remembering that before you begin work with any textbook and materials, is to study the basic rules of painting and drawing, and then experiment based on lessons given in the books.
Academic drawing involves learning proper composition, shadow mapping, hatches and work with forms. At the moment the most inexpensive and detailed tutorial for beginners is the book "the Basics of academic drawing" Nicholas Lee. The book presents a huge amount of visual sequence of lessons, allowing you to learn how to draw geometric shapes, the human body, still-lifes. At the same time, the textbook many text explanations to a particular action. Overall, this is the best edition for beginners and intermediate artists, designed for the age of 15 years.
Want to learn how to draw with pastels can use a small, but very popular tutorial "How to draw with pastels" by the publishing house "Astrel". The book is translated, but quite good detail. There are many examples of the use of pastels on different kinds of paper, showing ways of application of the material in the paper (feathering a brush, sponge, hands). Another good tutorial called "How to write pastel" Olmedo of El Salvador. This book is good for beginners to learn the technique of drawing artists, as it contains practical advice on the use of the material, but almost no analysis of the basics of composition, chiaroscuro, etc.
Work with watercolor, despite its apparent lightness, is quite complex, especially for beginners: paint very easily and dry quickly, placing the artist in the conditions of limited time. So loving the watercolors man should pay special attention to the selection of good books on training. One of the best is "Paint with watercolors" T. Battaglini, with color illustrations and step-by-step tutorials on creating drawing water, sky, etc. Other detailed tutorials can be called "Course of watercolor painting for" Fenwick, aimed mainly to study landscape painting, and step-by-step guide "How to paint with watercolors" Alvin Kroso for the youngest artists.
A good tutorial on oil painting is the book of Olga Shmatova from the series "Learning to draw with Olga Shmatova". Her other books are also quite good, but the picture oil most successfully built. The tutorial shows examples of various techniques of illustration the sequence of work with canvas, brushes, other materials.