When drawing, keep the proportions and if necessary modify them, if required by the drama or comic drawing. Working through the poses of the characters, consider their character and emotional state. Despite the fact that the proportions in the manga, often distorted, the artist must use the guidelines, allowing you to maintain the correct structure of the body of the hero. Always use the auxiliary guide lines to avoid errors in building the body of your character.
Start drawing with a light sketch outline and then proceed to detail. Detail drawing gradually, moving from simple to complex forms. Add the small details at the very end of the picture.
Always show a picture of your character in the manga, this aspect is much stronger than other genres of painting. Try to reveal the character as a deeper and brighter, making it a personality. Your characters should be different from each other – like shape of the eyes and face, and clothes, hair and accessories.
Never draw manga characters in the same poses and same angles of rotation of the head. Make your drawings dynamic – change postures of the characters, change their facial expressions display different emotions on their faces. Learn how to draw the characters in different perspective and angles. This will allow you to create the right mood. The face of a manga character is in contact with the audience in the first place, and therefore it is very important to demonstrate the range of emotions that you want to transfer your pattern.
If you are completely happy with your sketch, erase unnecessary construction lines and carefully trace over the drawing with ink or mascara. Contour should be smooth, clear and smooth. Key elements of the picture draw thicker lines and more elegant items, you can emphasize thin lines.
Don't forget about the human anatomy – in the manga, the structure of the human body is also important for correct image shapes. Arms and legs should bend and have anatomically correct form.
Constantly evaluate your work from a critical point of view, practice, gain technique and search for their own individual drawing style which will differentiate you from other manga artists.