You will need
  • - ferment milk mushroom;
  • milk.
Superficially the fungus resembles boiled rice, when growth becomes more similar to the florets of cauliflower. Milk mushroom stimulates the natural immune system, normalizes metabolism in the body, helps to cure hypertension, normalizes intestinal microflora, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, reduces the blood sugar levels in diabetes, stops the growth of cancer cells and benign tumors.
To prepare therapeutic milk mushroom, it is necessary to take one tablespoon of starter this mushroom and pour 200-250 ml of milk. Then cover the jar with a cotton cloth and leave for a day for fermentation in the room. After 20-22 hours the milk will ripen, it will indicate the emergence of a thick layer on the surface of the milk, which contains the fungus.
The resulting infusion should be filtered through a plastic sieve, rinse mushroom with running cold water and pour a fresh portion of milk. Strained milk mushroom should be stored at room temperature. Flushing – a prerequisite for the normal development of the fungus. If this is not done, not to change the milk, the mushroom will lose their useful properties, stop breeding and die.
To maintain normal health condition, every day we need to drink 200-250 ml of milk mushroom in several stages. The last portion of the fungus you need to drink for 40-60 minutes before bedtime on an empty stomach.
The treatment is carried out according to the scheme: 20 days of treatment, 10 days break and a new course, which repeats the previous one. The full course of treatment should last not less than 1 year, during treatment can not drink alcohol and is not recommended some medications (insulin) and alcohol tinctures.
To start taking milk mushroom to small doses: 100-150 ml per day to avoid unwanted complications. In the first days after the start of treatment, possible loose stools, flatulence, discomfort in the right hypochondrium, in region of kidneys. The acute phase of treatment takes place after 14-16 days, the General condition improves, increases the vitality of the body.
During breaks in treatment, we need to continue to take care of the fungus by washing it and changing the milk. Drained yogurt can be used as a cosmetic for skin care face, body and hair, for cooking. No need to tightly cover the jar with milk mushroom, you cannot put it in the fridge, rinse it with hot water, and that he dies.
If you need to take some time you have to place the mushroom in a big 3-liter jar and pour the milk in half with water. This method will help keep the mushroom for 3-4 days. After returning home, to wash the mushroom and pour in the usual way, and the drained solution can be used for cosmetic purposes.