Advice 1: How to keep the Tibetan milk mushroom

Tibetan milk mushroom is a small home factory for the production of delicious and healthy yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese for the whole family. They cannot be compared to store-bought counterparts. Unlike dairy products from the supermarket, yogurt, derived from milk mushroom, has a therapeutic effect. It can be used both internally and externally (in cosmetics and dermatology).
How to keep the Tibetan milk mushroom
You will need
  • - pasteurized or organic milk, but not restored;
  • - 2 tea spoons of milk mushroom, to get a glass of kefir;
  • - 200 ml of milk, temperature +18-+25 degrees;
  • - the periodicity of 12-15 hours.
"Feed" milk mushroom fresh milk without making any big breaks. A sign of proper care of his fast breeding and fresh look. Healthy mushroom is white and look like cottage cheese, the patient ceases to grow, becomes yellow and may die.
Keep it in a place where not receive direct sunlight, but not in a dark closet. Use for the growth and development of the fungus only glass container (quart jar). Dining room, use baking soda to wash the jars where "lives" mushroom, it can not handle detergents. When storing, cover the dishes with gauze, not cover. Fungus is a living organism and it needs to breathe. Keep the optimal temperature is between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Use for removing kefir only a plastic or wooden dish and spoon.
Give the mushroom to a friend or send him on "vacation" if the course of treatment you want to take a break. It can be stored up to 2 weeks in a jar of milk on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator is not very cold. During this time, anything with milk mushroom will not happen, and it will not lose its properties. When the yogurt is needed again, remove it from the jar, rinse well and pour a new portion of milk.
Freeze the mushroom, if it is necessary or he was sick. It is seen that this measure had a good effect on his condition. Before freezing the fungus rinse well to between the grains remained particles of the fermented milk. Then dry slightly, spreading on the gauze for one hour. Then put the mushroom in a plastic bag by removing air and tightly knot. Put it in the tray and storing in the freezer. In this form milk mushroom can be stored for up to a year. If you need to defrost it, the procedure is repeated in reverse order. Remove the mushroom from the bag, defrost it for some time, having spread on gauze. Again pour fresh milk. With proper care and storage for milk mushroom, kefir will turn out with excellent taste and medicinal qualities.

Advice 2 : How to store milk mushroom

Milky mushroom turns milk into yogurt, but the yogurt has a huge number of useful properties. It cures many diseases, and has preventive properties. But to you could longer get a useful kefir your milk mushroom should be properly stored. Here are some tips to save it.
How to store milk mushroom
You will need
  • - milk mushroom,
  • - glass jar,
  • - gauze,
  • soda,
  • milk.
You can store milk mushroom in the refrigerator for 3 days if it is washed and put in the milk diluted with water 1:1 without closing the lid. But after each three-day storage in the refrigerator should give the mushroomto squisitia in milk at room temperature.
Remember a few provisions that can not be broken in any case. Milky mushroom should not be washed with hot water, and especially pour the hot milk. Keep a jar of mushroomohms in bright daylight. At temperatures below 17 degrees the fungus can even mold during fermentation. Milky mushroom should be thoroughly and constantly cleaned, otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties. Keep mushroom in glass jars only. And the Bank, in which it is stored, can be washed only with baking soda, not using any detergents.
Cover the bottle opening with gauze when you leave the milk to settle or put in the fridge. Cover the jar it is impossible, however, to leave it completely unprotected is not worth it.
Fermented milk after the process is Express and rest in a colander mushroom rinse with cold boiled water. Every day pour mushroom fresh milk (preferably milk with a high fat content and short shelf life), if this is not done, it will not reproduce and will become brown, it will have medicinal properties, and he may die.
If you are leaving for 2-3 days, pour in three-liter jar of milk in half with water, put the mushroom, put in a room in a cool place, but on arrival, rinse the mushroom and re-fill it with milk. Strained the yogurt can not drink. If you leave more than 5 days, and keep track of your mushroomom no one, then put some clean paper napkins one by one on a plate, thoroughly rinse the mushroomkey and place them on kitchen paper, cover with another cloth and put in a warm place.Turn every day mushroomKi clean spoon to avoid sticking. They will become yellow and reduced in size. Two weeks will put them in a jar and leave in the fridge. So the fungus or mushrooms can be stored for a long time. Properties they should not lose. But to recover will be of 7-10 days. Pour some milk, and then send to the "resort" in yogurt or store-bought yogurt that they have increased fresh bacteria.
Useful advice
Remember that healthy color milky mushroom – white, the color of the cheese. If your mushroom was to have the other shades, you should buy a new one or try to treat this.
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