What is Kombucha

In Europe, Kombucha has gained popularity only in the 20th century. In the middle of the century the medical properties of the unusual drink has interested Western scholars. Studies have confirmed the benefits of the product and the doctors recommended to use it adults and children. Parallel to this, Kombucha has received a new official name "medusomyces".

Such a strange scientific name Kombucha has acquired over his appearance: jelly-like mass, like a jellyfish. This basis should not be used inside – it can be dangerous to health. Infusion from it is of high benefit to the organism.

Composition medusomyces very rich. Layered jelly-like pellet contains yeast, lactic and acetic acid bacteria, pediococcus, organic acids, vitamins, etc. are All useful items transferred to insist drink, featuring a specific, slightly fizzy sweet and sour taste.

How to use the infusion of Kombucha

"Tea kvass" has on the human body a very beneficial effect. Contained useful trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, and so help to strengthen the immune system and cope with various colds. Infusion Kombucha is actively used for normalization of the intestinal microflora. Especially healthy drink to have undergone antibiotic therapy.

Kombucha has a positive effect on the nervous system, acting as a natural tranquilizer. Effective infusion for the relief of hangover. Children Kombucha is often prescribed as a supportive treatment for the SARS, tonsillitis, colds.

With some time and an infusion made from it vinegar used in cosmetics. This tool copes with pustular lesions, and facilitates the course of seborrhea, psoriasis and other dermatological diseases. Also Kombucha improves regeneration of the skin, accelerates healing of complex wounds (e.g., after burns).

How to use Kombucha

To Kombucha has been useful to take it properly. Experts note that even the temperature of the beverage plays an important role. Cold infusion is useful only for quenching thirst. In preventive and curative purposes use the warmed Kombucha.

Tea fungus need to be given time to brew the sweet tea. To start the use of infusion is possible only on the fourth or fifth day: at this time he will take from medusomyces all possible useful minerals.

The best time to receive the infusion is the morning, before meals or at bedtime. In the first case, drunk on an empty stomach drink will help cleanse the body. The second option is ideal for people nervous and impressionable: Kombucha neutralize the stresses of the day and will help to fall asleep quickly.