Advice 1: How to brew Kombucha

The range of therapeutic action of the tea fungus is very great. It and gastrointestinal disorders, and tonsillitis with a sore throat, and infected wounds and burns, and metabolic disorders. Finally, it's just a delicious sweet-and-sour tonic, which is quite easy to prepare.
How to brew Kombucha
You will need
    • Kombucha
    • tea
    • sugar
    • glass jar
    • water.
In half-liter jar, place one sachet of ordinary black tea and pour boiling water, you can use sheet welding, but after cooling, strain the infusion well. Cover with a suitable diameter with a lid and let cool to room temperature.
Then, pour back and stir well 6 tablespoons of sugar. The amount of sugar over time will determine the taste. It may be slightly different from the one proposed. Never add sugar directly to the fungus, it can ruin it.
Thoroughly wash (sterilize is not necessary) a three-liter glass jar, rinse it inside boiled water.
Carefully fold mushroom in half and carefully place it on the bottom of the jar. Tilt the jar at an angle of 30-40 degrees and gradually lifting it at the inner wall pour the solution of tea.
Add the jar to the upper edge of the cylindrical part cooled boiled water.
Put all of it on a small flat plate, cover with one layer of gauze (can also be wide – 14 cm – bint), pull her usual elastic. To protect from dust, put on top of paper towel, slightly objav it on the neck of the banks.
After 3-4 days, when the mushroom rises, pour it into another jar and store in the refrigerator. The drink can be stored for quite a long time. Drain the infusion but not less than every 4-6 days, otherwise the fungus may die and redevelop.
If you are a coffee lover, you can replace the tea or instant coffee – the taste will change, but the healing properties remain.
Don't forget every 2-4 weeks to wash out the fungus, eliminating the ugly fringe at the bottom. Rinsing can use plain water from the tap. After this procedure, the fungus usually "ill" - hangs diagonal or even becoming vertically. But a few days later he is on the mend, taking the usual horizontal position.

Advice 2 : How to get Kombucha

Kombucha as a very wholesome drink became especially popular in the 80-ies of the last century. Currently, its popularity returned. How do you get Kombucha at home?
How to get Kombucha
Express strong brew of black tea in a warm place for three days. After this time, its surface will begin to take an oily film slimy to the touch. Give "Bud" to gain strength, to get stronger. So the process went faster, add a little pinch of sugar. A month and a half old mold will acquire conventional mushroom shape and dense texture. Now it can be placed in 3-liter jar in a permanent place and to take care of the "miracle healer" in accordance with generally accepted traditions.
Use another method of obtaining Kombucha. If you do not have the specks of the fungus, but there is water in which it developed, do the following: pour in the liquid 2-3 tablespoons of sugar (per liter) and spicy tea. In a week the whole mixture will start to perkiset, formed on the surface of the thin film.
Put a 3-liter jar with a mushroom in a place where it will not interfere, but so that you do not forget about it. Drink cover with cheesecloth into four layers and tie, otherwise you can wind up gnats. Cover the jar with a lid, because fungus needs air to breathe.
Use the body of one Kombucha to getting another one. Carefully remove one layer of the multilayer of the adult mushroom. Rinse with cool boiled water at this part and then pour warm water in three-liter jar. Cover the jar with cheesecloth and leave the mushroom in 1-1,5 days. Do not fertilize the newborn mushroom at this time no sugar, no tea. Using a day or more to place the fungus in the prepared solution.
Prepare solution for Kombucha: take 2 teaspoons of black leaf tea and make the tea. Strain the resulting brew and pour it into hot boiled water. Add sugar at the rate of 2-3 tablespoons per one liter of water and stir the solution so that the sugar is dissolved.
Gently dip the mushroom into the cooled solution. The optimal temperature for the existence of the fungus 25C. At low temperatures (below 17оС) the fungus does not develop.

Advice 3 : How to share Kombucha

Tea mushroom - this is a bit weird on the body, is familiar to many. More recently (just a couple of decades ago) used very widely as a preventive measure and just to obtain a delicious homemade beverage. The division of a tea mushroomand is the main method of breeding, breeding, and sometimes treatment.
How to share Kombucha
First, decide whether you need to share your tea mushroom right now. If your pet is still very young and has a small thickness, it is unlikely that you will be able to split it without damaging. After this surgery a tea mushroom not immediately begin to perform their functions in full.
With good care and favorable conditions of the tea fungus grows quickly. Over time you will notice that your considerably stouter pet begins to flake slightly on the edges. In any case, not tsepinite and do not cut the mushroom. Carefully, trying not to injure, divide it into horizontal plate in locations of the bundle. Each layer is put in a separate jar and pour the nutrient solution. You get several full-fledged adult specimens of a tea mushroom. However, the timing of the receipt of the drink for the first time will increase slightly. The mass of each resulting division of the instance is much less than the mass of the parent mushroomand the overwork of the nutrient solution will take more time. However, not for long.
The owners of the tea fungusand can see at times that their pet is inexplicably sank to the bottom and never resurfaces. After a while from its surface separated by a thin, transparent film. This is a new tea mushroom. Gently place it in a separate container. Pretty soon this thin film will turn into a full tea mushroom. This method of reproduction justifiably be called a division, only it occurs without outside intervention.
By careless treatment, the surface of the tea fungusand can be injured. If you notice on the body of your pet brown spots or brown film, then he is sick and needs urgent help. Try as accurately as possible to separate the upper damaged layer, because (significant damage) the supply of oxygen in the body fungusand difficult, and he may die. In this case, the separation is irrelevant to the breeding and reproduction. The top damaged layer of non-viable, and its removal is aimed at the treatment of the tea fungus.
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