Even before buying an inflatable pool, you need to correctly measure its size and find on the site a suitable area. In addition, choosing a pool, please specify the type: inflatable or liquid. In the first case it is necessary to pump all of the wall of the pool, and the second – only the top ring that POPs up while filling the pool with water. Pool for children is better to take with an inflatable bottom to protect your child from bruises and contusions. Please note that the swimming pools of a round shape have greater strength due to the uniform water pressure on their walls.
After the acquisition of the pool to prepare it for a Playground. The required area, usually indicated in the instructions. Your chosen place should be smooth, not have slopes and valleys. It is better not to install the pool close to trees, as leaves will pollute the water. In addition, the water in the pool will be heated only by natural means, that is, the place must be Sunny.
The area should be thoroughly cleaned of all stones, twigs, cones, glass and debris, as these items can damage the integrity of the bottom of the pool. In addition, the pool must not be installed on sand, clay or just soft ground, as after filling with water, the ground could sink. Before installing the pad for the pool is better to lay a thick tarpaulin or PVC material, used to make banners. This will not only create additional protection from damage and reduce loss of temperature.
Decide in advance where you will drain the water. Even in the small pool the mass of water may be about 1 ton, so choose the direction of the descent of water to fill the pool. Please note that the pool is strictly forbidden to move dragged on the ground, so you need to decompose it directly on the site. Inflate the pool using the pump. You cannot use the device with compressed air, such as compressors, as you may damage the wall.
Make sure the drain valve is tightly closed. Fill the pool with water a few inches to make sure that the pool is installed smoothly. If the water level on different sides of the pool is not, you need to drain the water and level the surface of the pad. If the water level in all parts of the basin are the same, then flatten all the creases and fill the pool to the marked level.