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For the convenience of users, manufacturers of blood pressure monitors has developed a huge number of models that differ not only in the measuring principle, but also ease of use. The most accurate mechanical sphygmomanometers, but at home they are not too comfortable, especially if you use it will have an elderly man device is equipped with a stethoscope and should have a pretty good ear to hear the heart tones.
It is much more convenient digital blood pressure monitors, which is equipped with an automatic device for injection and release pressure in the cuff. After measuring the blood pressure are displayed on the digital display. Such devices have the ability to record readings into the database, with their further printing.
Among digital blood pressure monitors, you can select devices with a standard cuff placed on the forearm, and instruments for pressure measurement on the wrist. Many doctors refer to such devices is skeptical, rightly penyaya on their lack of precision, which depends on many factors: the movements of the patient during BP measurements, the location of the hands, changes in body temperature.
However, due to its convenience and portability, wrist blood pressure monitors are becoming increasingly popular: they are convenient to take on a trip, they are easy to use, have a great deal of memory to record readings of measurements. To accurately determine the pressure with their help, you need to follow the basic rules for the use of these devices.
Bracelet blood pressure cuff should be fastened on your wrist with the display facing up, between the base of the palm and the bottom edge of the bracelet should be a distance of 0,5-1 see Also it needs to be on your wrist evenly, should be carefully secured. The patient should take a comfortable position and relax.
The hand with the tonometer must fit comfortably on the stand at the level of the heart. Prior to measurement we need to make 5-6 deep calm breaths, and then restore the breath. When measuring pressure, you should not strain your muscles, you need to maintain a comfortable position and not to make any movements.
Measuring HELL on the wrist the first time, you should try to measure the readings on each arm. If a significant difference is 10 mm of mercury. article and more in the future to measure the pressure of the hand, where the rates were higher. If your wrist is very complete, it is necessary to use a cuff that is appropriate to his size – this will determine blood pressure more accurately, otherwise the figures will be inflated.
Still, manufacturers of these devices admit that BP measurements obtained using wrist blood pressure monitor, in most cases, be a few points higher than when measuring blood pressure on forearm. This is due to the difference in the width of the arteries and location of an artery under the skin at the wrist.