The harmonious color combinations are those that can be found in nature. Natural palettes are inspired by the work of the stylists and interior designers. For these people, there are now special computer programs and online services that allow us to decompose a picture of winter nature, fruits, flowers or any other color palettes - sets of 5-8 shades . These samples help us to see how a variety of warm, cold, bright, rich, tender and other shades interact with each other.

A winning combination with cherry

Examples of successful combinations with cherry:

cherry, coral and a pastel wash of herbal green;
cherry and pastel blue;
cherry, ash brown and pastel pink (cold);
cherry, chocolate and dark green (the color of spruce needles);
cherry, denim (shade of blue) and brown;
cherry, lemon yellow and dark green;
cherry, milky and grayish brown;
cherry, purple and khaki (protective green);
cherry, blueberry and bright lilac;
cherry red, warm blue and a warm blue;
cherry, violet and plum.

Combination with cherry in nature

All of the above combinations that can successfully beat in clothes or interiors, taken from nature. For example, imagine a cherry berry lying on a porcelain plate. There is a milky porcelain and tender green stalk of berries. But the fruit itself will never be uniform in color: it has dark cherry and blind sides "resonate" with dots over a bright and warm coral. Depending on how the light falls, you can see on one berry a few pastel shades of pink and beige.
So, cherry cocktail dress can be "beaten" pale pink beads and beige shoes.

Imagine a normal room cactus, photographed on a cold light. It is a fleshy plant is usually dark green in color. On top of its stems are covered with many dairy, yellowish or brown fluffy spines, and in the center a bright flash lights up the red flower.

On the American flag, a little faded from the wind, rain and dust, Dating, denim, cherry and milky.
Denim, cherry and milk are easy to combine in everyday clothing: wear normal jeans, cherry pullover and white sneakers.

Delicate tropical flower that passes through their translucent petals of sunlight, produces shades of purple, lilac, plum, blueberry and, of course, cherry.

Ranunculus flowers seem to be quite yellow (lemon), but upon closer examination it is seen that the tips of their multiple petals like singed cherry. The neighborhood petals with dark green foliage make this combination one of the most succulent and memorable.