For the elderly the perfect embodiment of the apparatus for measuring pressure is the sphygmomanometer from the brachial cuff. This is caused by the fact that the brachial vessels are quite large and, consequently, pulse and blood pressure are distinguishable in them better than, for example, in the vessels on the wrist. The circumference of the shoulder cuff is to be regulated by Velcro or elastic stretch insert.
For pressure measurement in pregnant women there are specific blood pressure can even at the earliest time to detect a tendency of the expectant mother for such a serious complication like toxemia in late pregnancy (pre-eclampsia).
Some models of devices for measuring pressure include a special children's cuff. Other – designed for people suffering from arrhythmia. For athletes, the ideal option is a wrist blood pressure monitor that allows you to monitor the pulse and blood pressure even during training.
There are devices for measuring pressure, designed specifically for people suffering from tachycardia. Their working principle is somewhat different from all other devices. Pressure measurement using a tonometer is held three times. Then the device independently calculates the average numeric indicator.
For people with a weak pulse is the perfect embodiment of the apparatus for measuring the pressure is a mechanical tonometer. There are also devices equipped with an intelligent logic that is able to choose the most suitable formula for calculating blood pressure.
Automatic blood pressure monitors, unlike mechanical, not react to external factors and is extremely easy to use. Automatic apparatus for pressure measurement – ideal for the elderly.
A high-quality device for measuring pressure can only be purchased at a pharmacy or retailer of medical equipment.