Do not panic

If you are stopped by the police, and the right to control your own car, you can not show, no need to tell the police about their problems in an attempt to justify, it works not always, but looks pretty depressing. It is not necessary to put pressure on the pity of the employee of traffic police, such stories he had heard repeatedly, and it is possible they cause him irritation. There is a legitimate way to solve the situation.


When drawing up the Protocol on administrative violation existing in the column "explanations of the person" you need to write about the following (form of presentation can be free): "Driver's license for the vehicle I have at the moment, it is at home. Within the hour (or how many you need to get home) I'm ready to give it to the police. In this regard, I request permission to leave my car at the following address (you must specify the address where you are detained) is necessary for the presentation of the documents term.

After that, it is very important time to go for the rights (or ask someone to bring them to you) before the arrival of the tow truck. Keep in mind that the car you can Park in the designated area, only if it will not create a nuisance for pedestrians and drivers of other cars. And only if the traffic police inspector did not reveal other traffic violations. Otherwise, the car needs to move (this you can do yourself) to the nearest allowed lot. If you do not, your car is unlikely to avoid being towed for a Parking fine. Once you have brought and laid claim to the traffic police, your car can't hold on the spot or sent to a special Parking area.

According to the Code of administrative offenses for driving without identification of the driver of the document, be punished with a fine (100 rubles) or warning. This punishment does not seem severe, but keep in mind that according to another article in this code, driving without a license involves the detention of the machine. This means the compulsory termination of use of the machine and moving it to a special Parking area.

Remember that according to the SDA, a passport or other ID cannot be taken by the police is right.