You will need
  • Cross screwdriver.
Open the hood of the car. On the battery remove the wire from the terminal "plus".
Go back to the salon. Install the shift lever to the neutral position. Remove the Phillips screwdriver cover the steering column.
Remove the wire harness from the lock of ignition. Locate the red lead and move it to the side. The others connect so that they liaised among themselves. Secure the twist, for example, a paper clip. In this moment begins to run the hardware of the machine.
Pull out the handle of management air zaslonkoj the carburettor, the common people - the "leak". Set the machine on the hand brake and depress the clutch pedal.
The red wire will attach to the wires that you previously connected together. Will start the car. Remove from the twisted red wire. In steady operation of the engine after start-up, smoothly release the clutch pedal and gradually, as growth of frequency of crankshaft rotation, push the control knob to the choke of the carb.