Skeleton hand

The human hand consists of four anatomic regions: shoulder girdle, shoulder, forearm and brush. Each of them performs specific functions.

The shoulder girdle is the beginning of the hand and consists of the clavicle and scapula. The collar bone is called bone connecting the shoulder to the breast bone of the shoulder girdle. Thanks to the clavicle, shoulder girdle is stronger. The blades, in turn, articulate with the clavicle the humerus.

The next link is hand shoulder. The shoulder consists of the humerus. It develops as a normal bone. In the exercise movements performs the functions of the lever.

In the place where the end of the humerus, the next area of the hands, namely the forearm. It consists of two bones: the ulna and radius. The structure of the forearm, it is possible to perform rotational movements.

The fourth area of the hand called brush. It is conventionally divided into three sections. The first Department wrist. It consists of 8 bones that are arranged in two rows. The second Department is the pastern. It consists of five bones, each of which corresponds to one of the fingers. The expense comes from the bones of the thumb. We conclude that the third division of a brush of the fingers are. Each consists of three phalanges. Due to its structure, the grasping reflex of the brush more effective.

Arm muscles

The muscular frame of the hand represented by the muscles of the shoulders, forearm and hand.

Fingers and also a brush, a movement lead mostly long muscles. They are located in the forearm. But flexor-extensor function of the brush doing injury. They are located around the wrist bones and, as part of the joint, firmly held by connective tissue. For free sliding of the tendon is lubricated by synovial fluid.

All the famous biceps — is not that other, as a two-headed muscle of a shoulder. It has a tight connection with the forearm, with tendons and ligaments. Two-headed muscle that ensures the bending and show of hands.

But the triceps is triglava muscle of the shoulder. It is located on the rear surface of the shoulder and attaches to the scapula. Tendon connects together all three parts of the muscle. This muscle helps to support the scapula.

All the other muscles of the shoulder girdle are located at the chest and neck.

Muscle skeleton hands unique. Muscle is layers, netilas each other. While their length can reach several joints at once. Because of this, activating one muscle, the change of position occurs in several parts of the hands.