Well-known folk prescription for the treatment of vessels of the head is lemon-garlic oil infusion. It is easy to prepare. First, you need to take one large head of garlic, then peel it, crush and put in a glass jar. Pour the garlic in one Cup of fresh, unrefined oils (flax is best, but sunflower). A jar of garlic and oil tightly closed and clean up day in the refrigerator, preferably on the bottom shelf. Thoroughly wash a large lemon, grate it on a grater, or mince (peel the cut is not necessary!) and squeeze the juice, which must be mixed with garlic butter. The resulting mixture should be taken a day for three times, 1 teaspoon, just before a meal. The course of treatment may last even up to three months. This mixture it is necessary to store in the fridge.
Thus, treatment of the vessels with the help of folk remedies it is necessary to support at least a simple restrictive diet that eliminates Smoking (because nicotine leads to brittle all the walls of blood vessels), alcohol (can cause spasms of blood vessels), coffee and strong black tea, especially for hypertensive patients. Eating should be painted strictly by the hour, you need the observance of a day regimen and affordable physical exercise (for example, a walk before bedtime) - all this will contribute to greater efficiency of treatment of blood vessels.
Starting treatment of blood vessels with the help of folk remedies, sleduet not to forget that any human organism, even if an overall similarity has its own individual characteristics, so there may be some nuances in connection with the use of one or another folk method of treatment or their combination. Especially pay attention to the possible manifestation of allergic reactions if your body to this tends.