You will need
  • - impeller;
  • keys;
  • thin - walled tube of stainless steel;
  • - mineral wool or glass wool;
  • - fire retardant;
  • sealant;
  • - drilling machine.
Staff remove the factory muffler. Make it easy: all you need is to Unscrew four bolts. Then, using the impeller very carefully cut the cover of the muffler, which keeps the gut, and pull out from the muffler all the internal stuffing.
Instead removed the "stuffing" make a new one. Look for thin-walled stainless steel tube, cut from this pipe piece equal to the length of the muffler. Then on a drill press drill a lot of through holes.
Drilled pipe install inside of the muffler, namely, the place staff shot replacement parts. Then firmly tamp the glass wool in the cavity between the tube and the shell of the silencer and also along the edges of this device. Wrap the flash Hider (it is also called corrugation) asbestos or other heat resistant material which is at hand.
Get freshly straight through muffler and set it into place. After that cover the muffler. The joints lubricate all sealants.
After the installation procedure is straight-through muffler complete, test the operation of the upgraded bike. Get your "iron horse": in response it should give you bass sound. Although the sound of the motorcycle was a few others, its appearance virtually unchanged.