If you are arriving in Saint Petersburg from another city, be careful about where you stay. For a big company you can rent an apartment with daily payment. These options can be found through agencies that rent apartments for tourists. You can offer a variety of options: from simple "odnushki" up to luxury apartments in the center. Advantages of a rented apartment can be called low cost compared to hotels. If you want to stay in a hotel, be sure to ask whether there were any discounts for birthdays.
For the celebration of the day of birth , you can reserve a table or Banquet in the restaurant. But to go to Peter, to celebrate the holiday traditionally, it makes no sense. But to spend the day on a river boat plying on the canals, there will be fun, and beautiful. The special court, which offer the customers to hold a feast, hold Banquet, satisfied with the animation, and even a salute in honor of the birthday. But this option is only available in the season of navigation.
If you rest the children, consider their interests. Arrange your holiday at the water Park, where you can have fun at any time of the year. For children you can order a separate program with children's entertainer, and to sit at the bar, imagining yourself on an island Paradise in the Caribbean. In the warmer time to visit the amusement Park. Agree with the children that day you fulfill their whims, and in the evening they give you to sit quietly with friends in the restaurant.
If you want to combine a holiday with sightseeing, head to Tsarskoe Selo, Peterhof or Pavlovsk. In Tsarskoye Selo allowed to conduct weddings, and you can also there to celebrate the day of birth. But such proposals are submitted in a few months. In Pavlovsk you can ride through the Park on the carriage.
And relaxing is better to stay on countryside recreation lake Ladoga. Winter on the lake you can ride Quad bikes and skiing, and in summer to fish and gather berries in the forest. For complete privacy rent a cottage. In the evening on the grill, fry your catch and celebrate the day of birth with the loved ones.