Causes of pus in the eyes in newborns

There are many different reasons that contribute to eye disease in the newborn. Such diseases include, for example, conjunctivitis. It can be divided into several types – bacterial, autoimmune, viral, allergic origin and are caused by chlamydia.

The main symptoms of conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the eyes, redness, lacrimation, purulent discharge from the eyes of the baby. The causes of this disease is the ingestion of a newborn bacteria Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, gonococcus, and influenza viruses, SARS, measles, herpes, adenovirus. Often the disease is transferred from a young mother-to-child during childbirth. Failure to comply with medical staff rules antiseptics also can promote secretion of pus from the eyes of a newborn. Cause conjunctivitis can allergic reactions to dust, odors and chemicals.

Accurate diagnosis can only ask a medical professional. Five percent of eye diseases in newborns is such a thing as dacryocystitis. The disease is obstruction of the lachrymal canal, when the eyes of the stagnant film and into the body of a newborn gets the infection. In any case the baby should be shown to the ophthalmologist.

Eye treatment for newborns

Therapeutic measures apply proper care of the eyes of a newborn. Treating eyes baby need every day. Processing must be carried out only with clean hands. Each eye is a separate cotton swab.

Drugs for the treatment of newborn's eyes there are many. This furacilin, decoction of chamomile, solution of boric acid. To find out which tool is best suited for eye treatment toddler need to consult with optometrist. Dacryocystitis in a newborn treated in the early stages of the disease, the sooner, the better.

At the initial stage of dacryocystitis doctor prescribes massage the tear ducts. It is thus: the cotton swab with the eyes of a child is removed pus. The swab should be juicy in a solution of furatsilina. Movement occurs from the outer edge to the inner eye. After that, fairly strong jerky movement, you need to conduct the index finger along the tear ducts from the bottom up, as if squeezing to the corner of the eye. During the procedure of your little one's eyes can stand out tears or pus. After the massage, the baby need put antibiotic drops prescribed by your doctor. They need to drip for ten-fourteen days.